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Shouldn’t the title “Immunologist” be changed to “Protectologist” or something? If we’re changing definitions, I think consistency is important.

Oops - the FBI had a web page that facilitated the sending of fake email messages to computer security experts.

Even Brian Krebs got one of these bogus messages. Lots of detail in the story about how the web site leaked information to make it easy for bad guys to do this.

The affected hardware was taken off line but otherwise not much from the FBI on this story.

The stay of the OSHA vax mandate now has some substance behind it.

They were quite thorough, it is an entertaining read.

Is Microsoft collapsing?

I tried to submit some feedback for the Edge browser; OK fine. It then sent me to what was supposed to be a forum page for related discussions.

Which is completely EMPTY.

Oh, I guess I should have introduced myself the Microsoft way: "I'm a white male, and I might be wearing pants."

TL;DR: NA Social will be down this weekend, from time to time.

Never saw this before:

when clicked on, it shows the info in the second pic... pretty important info!

November 3, 2021, San Diego, County Board of Supervisors meeting: Dr Youngblood MD shares a whole lot of truth about the "COVID" "#vaccines" in 7 minutes

It's pretty educational. There's nothing I didn't know, but there will probably be a lot of you're relatively new to this subject and the vast amount of data and information that's available but ignored by governments and media

The stay issued by the 5th Circuit in Texas does not yet have much meaning; it's temporary.

I have posted links to the original materials, including the emergency stay, the OSHA rule itself, and the regulation which specifies the "compliance dates" for the rule, in this thread:

While I despise the drone of a leaf blower, I find the distant sound of a lawn mower comforting

@CarBlanez33 and I host a podcast called Hog Story. The latest episode, Hello XIV, is available now!

The phrase that don't pays

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