Democrat platform 2022:
If you dont vote for us, you are a Russian spy, and a Nazi extremist. War in Ukraine.

Republican platform 2022:
If you dont vote for us, youre an America hating Chinese Communist, and will get whats coming to you. War in Ukraine.

The People:
Can we have better education, affordable healthcare, and start producing goods at home again? Maybe we could have cheaper gas as we transition to more sustainable fuel sources? Maybe you could stop spending so much money on wars and stupid things, and focus on improving local neighborhoods with all the money we send you? Maybe we could focus on equal opportunity, and small business development that is local and have fewer mega corporations? Maybe instead of spending $2,000,000,000,000 on the war in Afganistan we could develop our own cities and infastructure, maybe make it so our kids can go to college without huge debt, and be able to buy a home?

Democrats: Youre a far right nazi Russian agent!
Republicans: Youre a far left socialist extremist who doesnt understand economics!

People: Um... we are getting angry...

With these things as truth, the FBI basically runs everything from an Epstein like position of blackmail authority…

The BEST 4 minutes I've heard on Gun Control so far. Well done by this based American.

@Johncdvorak “heem” in the veggie burger… iron based? Like… hemoglobin? They are adding blood to the veggies… @adam

Dana White (guy who runs the UFC) is asked about the 200 doctors that want spotify to censor Joe Rogan over him talking about his covid treatment.
@admin This evil regime will fall just as fast.

And maybe quite soon.
On the eve of learning I am now one degree of separation from an active COVID infection, making ham bone vegetable soup and andouille sausage and chicken gumbo. It takes a man to stand over a roux until it's the color of Ghirardelli chocolate. Or a woman with a mustache.

Six Gun the six-legged spider has just nailed himself a wingless fruit fly; the three-inch baby ground snake is thrashing a half inch mealworm like a sand worm on Dune; and Vanessa Williams is telling me it's cold outside.

Time to light the fire and take a wee dram of Pinch in salute to @Oblivia, who introduced me to it.
Vanessa Williams - Baby, It's Cold Outside.mp3

me cursing 

this is true im a fucking fat white dude

I fricking hate the refs that call Vandy games, illegal shift, no hold? I know we are not going to win, I just hate those kids playing against two teams every game…

Spent the day watching football and updating my Author's Website:

I've included my serial, The Woods and the Wylds (9 episodes so far) and the intro to my second novel in the Noble Series.

Would love your thoughts.

It's a strange feeling when an old person tells you that, if the hospitals are full and we both meet at the door needing medical help...

... that the VACCINATED person should be the one to receive treatment.

People are thinking this way.

So, what happens when BOTH are vaccinated and one is young, the other old?

Or one is young and obese and the other is young and slender?

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