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I need some brainstorm 🧠 power from the NA producers and shitizens of all FEMA regions.

If there were No Agenda playing cards, who would be the kings, queens, jacks, and the two jokers? I have my own ideas for a few spots but I want to know who “the community” would select.

My picks:

@adam: King♦️

@Johncdvorak: King ♣️

Zuck or Jack: King ♥️ (suicide king)

Tina the Keeper: Q♥️, Kamala: Q♣️(police baton), Hillary: Q♠️ (putting bodies in the ground)

Al Sharpton and Rev. Manning: the two jokers 🃏

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Any upside-down producers in the area should check it out. 🇦🇺

Twetch already does the blockchain stuff Elon is talking about

Despite having never played the recent PC game, I found Cyberpunk 2077 on Netflix mildly entertaining even with the sloppy animation and poor choice for intro music. Makes me wish someone would make a competent animated Neuromancer.

Old: great Odin’s raven
Gold: Saint Jerome’s lion

"When traditional Islamic societies practice "female circumcision" on minor females, rendering them incapable of sexual pleasure for religious reasons, we are rightly appalled. But when the Woke do something far more horrible -- hormones that block puberty make sexual pleasure in adulthood impossible, but these mutilations go much further than what the backwards Muslims of Africa do -- it is celebrated as liberation.

Odds that the new little mermaid is going to learn how to twerk with Cardie B?

Jerry’s two-face girlfriend was hot enough for me in any case.

Talking about getting your shit shot is the new veganism/CrossFit/mountain biking

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People are still virtue signaling about getting Covid shots on Facebook 😬🤭

I get it now. My neo-pronouns are “3D printer” and “7.62 NATO”

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