Watching the live Olympic Opening Ceremony, I know they are all fake but Savannah Guthrie gets on my nerves more than most of the "talking heads".

As a hedge on inflation or a shipping shortage here is a solid investment

"Johnny Marr was the true talent in the Smiths because he agrees with all my dopey, middle class, metropolitan, NPC, conformist political opinions."

Turns out Marr HASN"T had 13 top 10 albums since the Smiths split up.

Morrissey has.

Source Twitter: Paul Joseph Watson @prisonplanet

"A man flashed his penis in front of little girls at a spa and was allowed to do it because he claimed to be a woman"

Adam on with Night Attack with Brian Brushwood and Justin Robert Young (just audio)

Vote in this CDC Poll
(Trollin the Poll)
If you’ve already had and recovered, you should still get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Just sent this one to Adam:
BIDEN: "It's awful hard as well to get Latinx vaccinated...Why? they'll be vaccinated and deported."

Ex School Board school board member Calls Out Pennsbury School Board During Public Comment

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