My followers on mastodon know that I believe in some pretty insane stuff. I think most follows are here for the memes and not my conspiracy stuff. One of the crazy things I believe in is that we live on a young earth made to look fully aged and I was thinking that if you believe american indians were here first wouldnt you also be a young earth believer? Isnt the belief in natives a lie, if the earth is supposed to be old?

Whenever I feel down, I just think "what would George floyd have done"
The answer is always "fentanyl"

Gender confirmation surgery is a misnomer. It should be called "gender denial surgery". Confirmation surgery would just involve touching it to see if it's real, not reshaping them like genital playdough.

Lmao so it's not even a Trump endorsed platform; I think they can see this dumpster fire from the ISS.
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