AnarCon, a libertarian flagship festival, is around the corner! Bring your guns for the range; bring your tents for camping; bring your friends who love liberty to the Cove Campground, VA, August 5-7th. Featured guest speaker, David Gay from Liberty Memes!

2 polymer 80s -
Add(+) 1 Dremel tool and drill bits.
Remove (-) excess polymer from frames.
Add(+) included polymer80 parts.
Add(+) Glock frame parts kit
⭐ Complete frame ⭐ (regulated part)
Order slides -
Install slide parts, included.

Follow for more recipes 😁

Homies, I want a Voron and I do not want to spend $1400-$1700 on it. A company I have worked with previously has offered me wholesale pricing on 2.4 R2 350mm kits. its still 1100. I know its a lot but if you have been eyeballing a Voron this might be good for you to get in on.

Got a question for @RonPaul? Tag us on Mastodon at @ftl. Not on Mastodon? Join our server at We may not take questions by phone. He'll be on FTL tomorrow night (5/31).

Stage 2 of 3Dprinted toolbox upgrades. 🔧 🛠️

A copy of Matco tool grid system. Lots to add and the roll cart will need expanded soon.

Okay, I'm curious, when did you guys first hear about/join Linux? Please boost for a wider data pool. :boost_love:

Today's project is D5N transmission. When I'm done with all these dozers I might know a thing about them

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