Between the plum curculio attacks and raccoons, I haven't been able to have a "Black Boy Peach" yet. Hopefully this year. The tree is loaded.🤞

@HiroProtagonist Do you spray at all? I just planted 3 peach trees this year so no fruit for me yet.

@krabappel I don't. I'm trying organza bags this year, which seems to work except when the bag lays up against the fruit. The weevil can pierce the bag to get at the fruit.

I avoid sprays, because of cost, I'm lazy, and I don't want to use something that might adversely affect my neighbor's plants. I might break down and try neem oil next year.

@krabappel I discovered that in my area fig trees are pretty trouble free, so I've gone whole hog with them. I have around fifteen varieties now.

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