La Palma volcano: Drone video shows black lava swallowing pool, homes on its way to coast


the remote viewers pretty much nailed this

skip ahead thorugh don't have watch the whole thing

@isaac @HiroProtagonist

I enjoyed this book:

documenting the U.S. military & intelligence dabbling in esoteric things like Remote Viewing.

I gotta say though, that I can't feel very impressed by anyone predicting a Hurricane hitting the South East Coast of the U.S. on any given year.

May as well say you remotely saw there are corrupt and incompetent people in the U.S. government!

@johnww2 Mentioning Katrina wasn't that impressive either considering it was an anniversary of it. @isaac

@isaac @HiroProtagonist

"Wow, we all had mushroom clouds and destruction!... It may not be as bad as that, or that anything will happen at all! Join our Patreon!"

Nice to have a little surprise Ed Dames vibes in the morning.

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