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"Streaming Consciousness - The Atomic Bombcast"

Found this old exercise in "creativity" in a hard drive clean out today. I cleaned it up a bit and here... whatever it is... it is.

"This came from my brain. It is an audio collage of pop culture junk and atomic age detritus. Enjoy or enjoy not. There is no meh."

I don't want to stop Corona-chan, I just want to stop everyone being forced to pretend to subscribe to the religion that pretends they can.

If it'd been two young, idealistic Black lawyers, they wouldn't be lamenting the loss of their futures, they'd be bringing up all the criminal defense cases they won.
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A terribly sad story. Two young and idealistic lawyers, get wrapped up in the BLM protest movement. In a moment of madness they throw a Molotov cocktail into an abandoned police car and burn it. Now they face a minimum 35 years in a federal prison.…

Trump said he kept all his promises. LIES. Hilary is still free!

I just ordered a mask made out of cheesecloth as an experiment to see if anyone will say anything. From Etsy.

Hasbro is airing for free on their channel full episodes of their documentary series on the heroic American soldiers that fought against the ruthless, terrorist organization COBRA in the 1980s:

I still tear up when I think about Duke's miraculous recovery

This is a video supposedly showing a missile strike, causing the massive explosion in Beirut:

I think it has been tampered with. Here's the original video:

I pulled the original into photoshop and inverted it to look like the faked video. The videos look identical except the fake is smaller. I've attached an image comparing the frames where the "missile" appears on the left the same frames in the original on the right.
@SirHendrick @PeteyMiami

@Johncdvorak got it wrong about AN needs mixed with something. All it needs is heat and pressure to become explosive

Theory: fireworks plant explodes providing heat and pressure and ignition source for AN. Boom!


Here's thermal imaging (?) of the blast. You can see it fly in prior to the blast. This has written all over it. 🇱🇧

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