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Things have gotten tougher here in Silicon City. There are tents everywhere you look. Dead smart phones litter the streets. You see the shambling addicts lining the sidewalks, recognizable by their craned forward heads, branded merch, and poor social skills. I was accosted by a few the other day: "Can I borrow a few credits, man?” I ask if they'll spend them on data. Most reply no, but I sometimes get a truth teller: "I just need to post a few memes, then I can get straight."

more spectacular salt concerning the 'islam was right about women' flyers. the news is getting taken for a ride, they'll bite at anything that they think will enrage their dumb ass knee jerk, soc media drenched tard base


Qanon tards are the kind of GOP rubes who wanted Colin Powell to run for president... before he voted for Obama.

I have the day off today. The fighters have been scrambled and there's memes inbound

Nobody wants to hear my TED talk about automation of the legal process being the first signs of the first truly big AI hazard but I'm telling u it's coming and you better be prepared for it.
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