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Things have gotten tougher here in Silicon City. There are tents everywhere you look. Dead smart phones litter the streets. You see the shambling addicts lining the sidewalks, recognizable by their craned forward heads, branded merch, and poor social skills. I was accosted by a few the other day: "Can I borrow a few credits, man?” I ask if they'll spend them on data. Most reply no, but I sometimes get a truth teller: "I just need to post a few memes, then I can get straight."

my 2 year old asked me today "why is trump making fun of greta? does he hate us children? does he want us all to die?"

this is today's america, folks.

😂 I love trolling in legal docs. This is from Tulsi Gabbard's lawsuit against Hillary Clinton

Monty Python star Terry Jones dies aged 77

Tributes are paid to the comedy great, who had been living with dementia.

"Justice Roberts, honorable Senators... I have in my possession signed affidavits, claiming that the gentleman from California eats his own boogers. Further, I am reliably informed through whistleblower testimony that the venerated representative's skin has not seen soap in a fortnight. And finally, I submit to the congressman that he is a kindergarten baby, you wash your face in gravy, you wrap it up in bubble gum, and send it to the navy! Nyah! Nyah!"

BTW, no cool impeachment graphics with custom sounds and chyrons? Lamestream indeed...

Apparently NBC and ABC decided to both do a remote broadcast from the Capitol building about impeachment around the same time within earshot of one another.

Start of NBC remote:

Point at which the NBC reporter (Kasie Hunt) can be heard in the background of this ABC remote:

And the point at which the ABC reporter (Mary Bruce) can be heard in the background of the NBC report:

Moe Factz 22 - "The Dream Machine" - Adam and Moe deconstruct Dr. Martin Luther King Jr in a way you've never heard

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