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On the last episode of the No Agenda there was a funny incident where John was making a lot of racket while @adam was trying to talk about abortion. I decided to sweeten it. 😂

Any recommendations on reasonably priced 4k monitors?

Just need it for a home office setup, not for gaming.

All of the people must rise
For Facebook is telling us lies
Their oligarch goal
Is total control
Where all of our privacy dies
- Limerick King

A reminder, 8pm central US time Sunday @ 14.330 we will try QSOs as far as 100 watts will go under band conditions. And I send cards. All hams invited and we will manually relay if needed. Good disaster practice, too.

If you're going to be self-righteous then consider if comparing everything to cancer is insensitive to people with cancer

@adam Just set my Crontabs to Update IPFS. it was a day work and weeks of thinking:P Now we hava a working auto-update place on IPFS (afther sunday night rss is up to date whit latest show)

Computer for Apollo
A mid 60s American documentary illustrating the design, build and use of the Apollo Guidance Computer.

A difference in judicial outcome
The guy who took classified data home got 9 years in jail. Hillary & friends got no indictment for similar issues.

RT @[email protected]: The CIA has attempted to collect us. We are at sea now and will report more soon. I will continue to be dark for the next few days.


Thread: 1) While poking around in court records, I stumbled across this:

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