Don't be taking that black pill. While there's life, there's hope!❤️

"But all who are among the living have hope, because a living dog is better than a dead lion."
Ecclesiastes 9:4

Man standing in front of an Aztec challenge coin unearthed in 1901. The Aztecs must've been yuge!

@teslanaut @HiroProtagonist

background banner:

"Liars! Stop fooling around! MSM don't hide the truth. The hidden truth of the Corona state of emergency.'

(I think bottom says "resistance")

Green flag shows the island of Taiwan. Video start shows Asahi Japanese War flag. Normally only "far right" dare to associate with it.

I have a friend who forwards Japanese Q-ish tweets from the birdsite. So I know from scanning comments, there are many Japanese followers of Q w/distrust of Japan MSM.

I will say Qianyuan Wang and Daniel Wu aren't bad in this. Not their fault.

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I miss the heyday of Hong Kong Cinema, so I was excited when I came across a review of the mainland Chinese film "Caught In Time" (2020) that raved it was a love letter to 90s Hong Kong Cinema.

Pass on this one. The film is done by someone who obviously loves 90s HK movies. This can be seen in a few references. Sadly, they did not learn the dynamic choreography and editing those films had. The film is 90+ minutes but could benefit from some cuts. Bad China police hagiography! 👎

Look at how overwhelming public support is for an Assange pardon—in EVERY poll like this—and think about what it says about any President who refuses to shut down THE most dangerous legal case in the journalism because he's afraid of criticism from the worst people in government.

🇺🇸ERIC BOLLING🇺🇸: White House “sources” telling reporters @wikileaks #JulianAssange won’t get a Presidential pardon.

Should Assange be granted a pardon? #Snowd..

I remember when they went nuts when Trump suggested a military parade in D.C.

Another E.O. Coming from #POTUS45 #DJT

An Executive order has been signed granting protection to babies who SURVIVE abortions and also orders doctors to provide them with life-saving medical care.

😊 💖

I think we should start calling Washington, D.C. "The Green Zone"


I'm in the market for a tablet. At this point, I'm torn between something like a Surface tablet that I can put Linux on or an #Android tablet, prefably one that supoorts rooting so I can install a custom #degoogled rom.

Does anyone have any advice on this?

Boosts appreciated 😀.

Well here's one to spread like wildfire!
"WHO inspector caught on camera revealing coronavirus manipulation in Wuhan before pandemic.
Video shows scientist mention coronavirus experimentation in Wuhan lab weeks before pandemic" @adam @Kelly_NAproducR @CSB

Want to feel like an M5M journalist?

When discussing the economic decline, business closures, increased suicide rates, higher domestic abuse, and more drug abuse, make sure to refer to them as “pandemic related” instead of “lockdown related.”

This simple rhetorical trick will make you feel like you’re right on the big stage next to pooper and lemon!

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