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"Streaming Consciousness - The Atomic Bombcast"

Found this old exercise in "creativity" in a hard drive clean out today. I cleaned it up a bit and here... whatever it is... it is.

"This came from my brain. It is an audio collage of pop culture junk and atomic age detritus. Enjoy or enjoy not. There is no meh."

Gonna take a sosh net break. Catch ya on the flip

I've been watching the Japanese detective TV show "Furuhata Ninzaburo". The main character is an eccentric detective named Furuhata. The format differs from most shows of this kind. Furuhata breaks the fourth wall twice each show: once at the beginning to give a vague clue and before the reveal at the end to highlight the important questions that point to the solution of the mystery. Also, the identity of the killer is revealed straight away.

If you never watched Abby Martin's coverage of the anti-Chavismo riots in Caracas a few years ago, go back and watch her reports right now. She documented the same techniques we are seeing used in US cities. A gang of 10-15 violent THUGS run through crowds of peaceful demonstrators and throw projectiles at the cops...the cops react on the crowd....gang of THUGS beat anyone who documents their provocations but support and boost any videos of the cops' reactions to them on the innocents.

how to let people know you're not part of the big crazy cult without the cult finding out

I honestly don't know if the Museum is open or not.

"The Law of the Somalis" by Michael van Notten is also an interesting read. It details the traditional governmental system that still functions today in rural Somalia. It looks very different from what most of people in the world are used to yet it has endured for a very long time.

I'm actually cool with communities pursuing alternatives to current police structures. There is a lot of scholarship on options that have existed in the past and currently exist. Also, there's been discussion of possibilities especially among anarchist and libertarian circles.

I don't have a lot of confidence in the ones that are proposing it, but I wish them well.

This is a good read on the subject:

Hey @CoryBooker and @KamalaHarris lynching is already illegal but slapping someone is not lynching, We shouldn't conflate someone who has an altercation with minor injuries, with lynching, That's my opposition to this without my amendment to fix it.
#RandPaul #Congress #Amendment

Full-List of bots:

10 years after defunding the police in Minneapolis:
"Alexa, I can't breathe"

"Please stop resisting or you may lose your Prime membership and access to all the great shows on Amazon Prime like 'The Expanse' season 30."

"Hands up, don't shoot!"

"Sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

@mhjohnson @wdelaet @Skizzle420 @darrenoneill I've heard of this story. Kurt Russell starred in a couple of documentaries about it.

It didn't work out so well for the President's daughter.

can't have crime if there's no police force *taps head*
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