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On the last episode of the No Agenda there was a funny incident where John was making a lot of racket while @adam was trying to talk about abortion. I decided to sweeten it. 😂

This is epic.
... listen to Naomi Wolf realize on live radio that the historical thesis of the book she's there to promote is based on her misunderstanding a legal term
Naomi Wolf is an American liberal feminist author, journalist, and former political advisor to AL Gore and Bill Clinton

If I were a friend or family member, It would be suicide watch time. These guys seem to have made their lives revolve around replying to Trump on twitter.

Trash Wars: Duterte Orders Tons Of Garbage Shipped Back To Canada Or Dumped In Territorial Waters

google is suppressing the search results for this - but here it is.

The Dissenter Browser from Gab.

This Assange stuff is nuts. If Assange is subject to American law then US Soldiers are subject to Iraqi, Afghani, and Syrian law, right?

10 Things You Probably Saw But I'm Gonna Say "Missed" So You'll Watch My Super Lame Video About A Trailer

>innocent old brexit veteran who got milkshake poured on him had gofundme campaign that raised £12,500 for him already

now they shouldn't have milkshaked him, but that kinda money? for what? this is just creating a new industry and business model for unscrupulous hucksters to create fake irl that trigger suckers into opening their wallets to end the artificial injustice

The 1993 Yinhe Incident

"American officials declined to apologize for the incident, claiming that the United States had acted in "good faith" on intelligence from a number of sources.
When the accusations were reported in China, Chinese nationalism increased in response."

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