Sorry... can't resist sharing.

Seen on Gab...

Watch as the media try to cover up their huge Covington School MAGA mistake in realtime. And what the heck is the bit about a Maori Haka doing in the story now?

Any chance this situation teaches these hacks to not go trolling for news stories on Twitter? Nah!

I don't know what chances they've got in court, but I would love to see some fake news outlets go bankrupt over the Covington story.

Has anyone read this 2015 book on GMO? $9.99 on Kindle with a $1.99 Audible (Whispersync) add-on available.

Official group photo of the Edmonton No Agenda meetup crew from last night! 👌

RE: The American Indian vs the MAGA hat high schoolers

Attached an account sent in to a news station allegedly by a student that was there. Seems to jibe with the videos.

Video of the American Indian walking up to the high school students:

Video of what happened during drumming and after until the kids left to get on the bus:

Bonus: attached pic of crusading twitter users...

"For almost a century, physicists have wondered whether the most counterintuitive predictions of quantum mechanics (QM) could actually be true. Only in recent years has the technology necessary for answering this question become accessible ... that show that key predictions of QM are indeed correct. Taken together, these experiments indicate that the everyday world we perceive does not exist until observed, which in turn suggests a primary role for mind in nature."

Everyone's talking about justice. Thing is about justice, it cuts someone. Justice put black youth in prison, unjustly; justice put drug addicts into jail, unjustly. Justice is the hammer with which tyrannies often legitimize their unjust actions under the guise of serving just.

I'm cooking bacon and all the fur children are watching.

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