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JUST IN - CIA warned German government of potential attack on Baltic Sea pipelines, Spiegel reports.

even if you assume that Snowden was nothing but a traitor in the pay of Russia... what? are Americans then supposed to be happy that the NSA spy on them?

don't rage for an entire day fediverse challenge

Listening to the last NA show where they discussed the recent push for trans stuff among kids in schools/hospitals and assisted suicide back to back. The tactics employed in the former (secretive affirmation away from the family) will be employed in the latter.
>Oh yes, your father received death affirming care this morning.
>What?! Why weren't we informed?
>Yes, well he didn't want you to be informed for fear you might talk him out of it because of your anti life-control views.

The pipeline explosions are just distractions from the completion of Nord Stream 3 which pumps vodka directly to Angela Merkel's residence.

When you see Xi Jinpeng, keep in mind this is a double, and the real Xi is sitting in a cell in Gitmo awaiting execution.

You know, we never did find out who leaked the SCOTUS opinion, did we? No one was exposed as the leaker.


I wonder if JCD has mistakenly said "Hurricane Eye-an" yet...

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