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Hiker lost for over 24 hours didn't answer calls from rescuers, because they didn't recognize the number. 😂

Millennial, for sure!!
Anthony Fauci Has Been Abusing Animals for 40 Years
The stuff you've seen on social media barely scratches the surface.

Australian ‘national treasure’ cartoonist loses job after comparing vaccine mandates to Tiananmen Square crackdown

Today I stood on top of some Presidential Heads. There's a nice view of Lincoln from Jefferson's Head.

If I see the word treat one more time I’m going to break something

Treats are what you give your dog
The globohomo elite see us as dogs

@russtyboiboi im guessing its because you dont provide any links to the thing you are trying to promote

Google has a secret deal with FB called “Jedi Blue” that they knew was illegal -

NEW - New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, when asked by a reporter if she was creating two classes of people, with the vaccinated receiving special privileges, confirmed, "That is what it is, yep".

Bipartisan legislators demand answers from Fauci on 'cruel' puppy experiments

"Our investigators show that Fauci's NIH division shipped part of a $375,800 grant to a lab in Tunisia to drug beagles and lock their heads in mesh cages filled with hungry sand flies so that the insects could eat them alive,"

29 pages, 5 of which are works cited

This work is not legal advice.

It's licensed creative commons. Share with **anyone**.

If you use it, you should comb through and modify references to the author (me).

Atheists who wish to make a religious exemption request should remove Points 4 and 5 and modify Point 6.

I've included all works cited that I feel legally safe to share. For others I have included a text file with wayback machine links.

Team Conan re-uploaded the famous clip of Norm McDonald and Courtney Thorne-Smith but they muted the audio whenever he said "retards"
>tfw we live in 1984
>tfw they went too fuckin far this time
>tfw ENOUGH.jpg
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