The vaccine doesn't stop you spreading it, so we need to vaccinate the unvaccinated to protect them from the vaccinated?

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Leana Wen is 1) an asshole 2) an imbecile 3) a criminal.

@Hikik0m0ri_ Dr. Wen needs to be followed and heckled where ever she goes for the rest of her life. She's a low life arrogant tyrant that thinks she's above the law and human rights don't matter.

I also can't stand the way she talks. There's no way that these people don't know about all the problems with the vaccine, Israel ect. and they just act like that data doesn't exist all for checks from big pharma.

She's a child killer as far as I'm concerned. She should rot in jail for life.


The cognitive dissonance is comical.

"The vaccine doesn't work that well so vaccinated people can spread the virus because of the unvaccinated."

My translation: Because of all the unvaccinated people around her, she (a vaccinated person) will spread the virus to them.

I feel sorry for her kids.

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