"80,000 people will be evacuated from Vietnamese city after THREE cases of Covid-19 were recorded at the weekend"

We're all going to DIEEEEE

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@Hemmels It's interesting that Vietnam is over reacting in this way.

What's their official body count to date?

@kwisstan @Hemmels I guess they're all in on the vaccine solution then !!!! I'd expect it'll be mandatory if the buggers are able to just evict 80K poor souls from their homes, no questions asked!

@YorkshireTea @kwisstan Mental isn't it.

I do think there has been more of a push since the 80s for a more authoritarian form of govt here, our personal freedoms are obviously costing us on the global market so we can't compete.

"Let's be more like China!" I mean, we do pretty well selling arms and generally being immoral, but that can only go so far. Damned human rights.

Funny, because liberalists are all over the place too. There's no money in centrist views I guess.

@Hemmels @YorkshireTea Totally mental. I think these are tourists, not locals being moved. Effectively telling everyone to go home and lock up for 14 days.

I really don't know why people just want to be told what to do and think

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