Missus now telling harrowing stories of people on netmums asking how they can put a mask on their 2.5yr old. My heart actually bleeds. And now i'm angry. How can these people consider themselves good parents when they can't even think for themselves? If anyone told me to muzzle my 2 year old i'd kick them to the kerb.

"She'll likely not like it but if she sees her bro and dad do it that might help?"

HOW AND WHY IS THIS A THING. Normalising child abuse.

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@Hemmels omg. Primary schools are back kids are mingling.
My garden backs on to the feild. There are smaller "pods" but the children are mostly normal

@Hemmels I look out at break time. It's so sad to see them. Nothing like hundreds of kids playing out, to see 8 at a time

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