ITM slaves. Enjoy your fashion segments on mandatory face masks. Absolutely ludicrous.

@Hemmels Sigh! Just peeked in on Twitter. Aside from some sensible friends the loons are all out there trying to shame those against masks. Don't want to be at risk, stay home & don't go to the shops. But no, they demand their "freedom" and insist I'm required to help them with that, thereby restricting mine. It's the old Napoleonic law of proving compliance - guilty until you can prove innocence - type of approach. Carry on, slaves.

@Vanessa I find it so weird that we won't offer certain treatments on the NHS because of the cost, but destroying the economy and taking us from 70 to ~90% dept/GDP (austerity was introduced at 75% because it was too high but you know) is fine to save 0.005% of the population who might be high risk. It makes NO SENSE.

@Hemmels I completely agree with you. Can't quite believe how the government is pandering to mass hysteria. We could almost have voted Corbyn in it's so crazy.

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