I missed this sorry if been posted already.

NBC doctor who claimed he caught the virus on a plane through his eyeball says he tested negative for the virus and NEVER had it


What's brow-raising is that he was on a COVID WARD for 6 DAYS NO PPE or anything. Didn't get it! ! !! Could it be that maybe it's not as infectious as TPTB would have us all believe?


Facepalm angle: If you have a decent T-cell response, that'll do the fighting for you so antibodies aren't created. More reasons that antibody testing is absolutely useless and a waste of money for general populace testing.

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@Hemmels I've come to the conclusion that any form of testing is a complete load of bollocks mate.

Their innacuracy however is a handy way of keeping the pot boiling.

Dunno if you saw this from earlier:


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