Karl Friston: the numbers point to the same thing: that the “effective susceptible population” was never 100%, and was at most 50% and probably more like only 20% of the population.


UK police respond to reports of a woman "armed with a knife" by SHOOTING HER.


Hope we aren't getting over-tetchy over here.


Tweet content: The HMRC guidance on the scope of the VAT cuts has just dropped. First thing to note: the VAT cut for 'admission to attractions' mirrors word for word the scope of the reduced rate permitted in EU law (Annex H of the Sixth Directive). So much for taking back control!!

@Brianoflondon Exactly. The Media luvvies are fully paid up members of the "over educated morons" class.

They just don't have the numbers to pull off their Woketopia on their own, hence the BAME persecution narrative. They need them onside.

UK Morning TV "Full of praise for how the NHS handled the crisis".

I spat my coffee down myself.

Had to point out to the missus they sent the recovering elderly back to care homes while still infectious, closed down multiple GPs in order to only take CV-19 patients and completely fucked up the track and trace. Amongst other failings.

Annoys me how they can say this uncontested on the tv and people just lap it up.

@Hemmels I think the key is for sane people to just emigrate from the Big-Tech platforms mate. They just need to make sure they delete all their content, posts, comments and tweets before they leave!

Once it becomes a 100% sterile echo chamber without any bogeymen, it's over for them. I don't think they truly appreciate that.

Alternatives are available. Unfortunately too many people are still enslaved by the whole complex. It's a powerful drug that's been loosed upon us!

People seem more and more intent on bringing in a sweeping nanny state where nothing is offensive and everyone thinks the same.

Orwell's Newspeak isn't far off, and people actually want this.

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Fuck me. Now tongue-in-cheek mild humour isn't allowed in children's books because could be "a tool to embed lazy racist tropes and classist stereotypes, and encourage bullying".

Can't we all educate children as to what is right and wrong whilst also protecting freedom of speech?

Some guy found an old alphabet book at a car boot sale and "threw it away when he saw the 'N'". Now to me, that's a tool for education, but instead he "shielded his kids". Lazy parenting I say

"Money for deprived schools!"... so that'll be funnelled through private equity funded orgs then. Hardly putting pupils (or schools even) first.

I know it's "only" a third of a billion, but shit like this never makes the media. And in nearly every govt department too. As a 40% bracket tax payer, this is scandalous and prevalent and writing to my MP will change exactly nothing. Keep fighting the good fight good people.

@YorkshireTea @Hemmels these (dick)head teachers are so easily led. It always worries me that the people in charge of moulding our childrens minds (brainwashing) seem to haver little or no capacity to think for themselves. Let alone think critically.

Posting for exposure.


"...letter from the headmistress of my daughter’s school- telling me they are going to “de-colonise” the curriculum..."

Posted without comment.
Picard facepalm angle: Compare this to where your govt's handling.

I got nauseous (dizzy and sick) actually reading parts of the article.

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Daily Mirror: "Transgender woman 'should be allowed womb transplants so they can have their own babies'"
Picard facepalm angle: Just look at the fucking state of it.

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