Los Angeles Bans Halloween Trick-or-Treating Over Coronavirus Fears

Public health authorities are cracking down on a holiday activity where the age group least at risk of COVID-19 walks around outside wearing masks.


Coronavirus COVID-19 stats for Tue Sep 08 2020

United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Cases: 350,100 ꜜ -1% Δ
Deaths: 41,554 ꜛ 50% Δ

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Media: "Those dangerous QAnons think there's pedophiles running the government. "

Qanons: "Hold my beer"

Coronavirus COVID-19 stats for Wed Aug 26 2020

United Kingdom 🇬🇧
Cases: 327,798 ꜛ 23% Δ
Deaths: 41,449 ꜛ 300% Δ

I know realise i'm a million % higher now to be "on a list" after that search term.

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Some fun "news" out the UK today!
I mean, where do you even start.
I can't stop laughing.
Should we discuss testing numbers? or should we just assume they are all having illegal house parties. It's always the yunguns.

@Hemmels @YorkshireTea @GWFF @Mummabear Jonah Lomu (the All Black rugby legend) was clinically obese due to his huge muscle mass proving that BMI is as much use as a PCR test.

In the morning all.

Welcome to the UK, @iamarnold @YorkshireTea @GWFF @Mummabear where draconian laws are now fair game and personal freedoms are gone.

I refuse to link to a Reach Media page, but the independent did one similar.

I'll bet they go off BMI or some other bullshit measure. I'd go get my pitchfork, but that's been raised since start of March.

Serves me right for being over 50 and/or obese I guess???

Absolutely diabolical propaganda on the evening news tonight.

Good people, i'm worried we can't do shit against the M5M onslaught. "New computer models showing if schools open we'll have a second wave twice as large as the first".

What can we do? Ask for peer reviewed papers backing their position? Ask why computer models (opinion) are driving policy? I'm shadow banned on Twitter so...I'm aware ranting on here doesn't help much...

If we're locally locked down my missus is gonna be sectioned.

@Hemmels @noagendashownoteslinks bullshit on the in home transmission. Father and son, friends of ours had symptoms and tested positive. Mother and 2 daughters never got sick. No idea where the exposure was but it was not passed within the household. It has to do with your personal landscape.

Coronavirus COVID-19 stats for Tue Aug 04 2020

Michigan 🏴
Cases: 92,374 ꜛ 45% Δ
Deaths: 6,467 ꜜ -850% Δ

ITM you RedPillers.

My reply at the bottom got shadow banned. My missus can't see it on my timeline, and I can't see the replies to it.

Just another day on Twitter.

AstraZeneca Gets Protection from Future Product Liability Claims for COVID Vaccine 


But RedPillers don't need convincing this is bad news. I guess the BluePill angle is that when the numbers they can produce is "loads!" they're all happy about it.

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