@Haymoose I think it's getting to me... I just composed an email to send this to a few friends at work, and suddenly stopped, wondering which would feel offended by the inclusion of femme products. Didn't send the email. eye suk...

Dvorak posted this a month ago, keep circulating it.

This map would be taken off Twitter in a heartbeat if you point out that the areas in green have a much lower death rate that the leader (we're number one) USA.

The only African country with a bad death rate is South Africa. Oh look!

Demand your local representatives vote to remove governor emergency powers so they cannot do this to us again.

Why are we not opening up based on SURVIVAL RATE statistics the way CASES AND DEATH statistics were used against us to close everything down?

Thank God for Florida. I am in St. Augustine and it is packed and I don't see masks unless I search for ppl wearing them. As it should be, a personal choice.

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