Today is half of 2022 done and also half of my life ( if i become 104yo)
It’s my Birthday 🥳

Lt Col Roberts testified to Wisconsin State Legislature "The most secret knowledge, a science which outdates history, is the science of control over people, governments and civilizations. The foundation of this ultimate discipline is the control of wealth. Through the control of wealth comes the control of public information. Through the control of news media comes thought control. A significant portion of the American public is yet to become aware of the Invisible Government of Monetary Power."

Cut the benefits so they stop coming. It's the only way to avoid this sad loss of life.

Thinking about a nice Sunday morning bike ride? 🚴‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Spare a thought for Queenslander Allan Jefferson who has just won one of the world’s toughest cycling races – an epic 4887km ride across the United States – in a fraction over 10 days, staying in the saddle for up to 20 hours a day.

Congratulations 🎉👏🎉 Allan!
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Monkey claims we are watching the start of WW3 in real-time. Enjoy!

Pro-choicers: What is your love for any other person even worth if you'll kill a baby?

Grab a gun and defend your local church this weekend

after long, careful consideration, the supreme court decided to terminate roe v wade. It was 100% their choice to make, and we must respect it

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