a man that has nothing to lose is ungovernable. lots of mofos losing jobs and being denied unemployment insurance they paid into is not going to go well faggots

when good people are forced bad, it isn't going to be good for the bad people

The reason the troll room never really topples 2200 is because it’s either all dudes and dudettes named Ben that can decipher the sign in or Ciphers named Chris 🤷🏼‍♂️-

Riccardo Bosi unloads on the Australian Defense Force

"you'll swing too buddy"

ICYMI: the Old Man Cruz clip mentioned on today's show.

NSFW due to language.

Doing 20 swings of my 24kg kettlebell every hour or so, all day long. Just because. Feels good. I'd prefer to do 40 or 30 each hour but I'm not feeling it so I'll just do the 20 today.

when you say LGB instead of Fuck Joe Biden you are watering down the message and making things appear normal when in no unfucking certain terms they most certainly are not. death to tyrants!
Deus Vult

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