“The times they are a changin’” didn’t work out all that great.

Integrity means standing up for your values even if it’s uncomfortable.

Don’t let the elites™️ let you hate people because of their nationality. Wars are purely the elites fault.
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Ukrainian sisters and chess grandmasters Maria & Anna Muzychuk will be suspended and excluded from competition by Lviv Chess Federation for refusing to sign an open letter calling for the International Chess Federation (FIDE) to ba…

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Yeah, me too.


Go to a search engine, type in "public banking institute girl", first video result.

Heat is one of the most wasted energy sources in the history of histories.
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I love miniature working Stirling engines — just finished putting this one together.

Converting heat energy into mechanical motion back into electrical/light energy...fascinating.

This 4 cylinder model is absolutely amazing.

One of the best gifts I’ve ever received 💯

I may not be a super-smart man, but even I understand that when you have 7 million registered voters in a state that has 4.5 million citizens age 18+ and have a 93.7% voter turnout, a victory margin of 20k votes is highly suspect.

Do you REALLY think Brandon won? 🤔


I dont know who posted that "Joe" link the other day, but this guy encompasses pretty much the entire no agenda manifest and makes it catchy. My new favorite artist, and I havent said that in 5+ years: Five Times August.


I do not like to be told what to do.

My ancestors felt the same way.

That's why they came to America.

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