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DeSantis should evacuate Florida MAGA residents to Martha’s Vineyard, just to see how they are welcomed, compared to the “migrant” border crossers.

If you’ve ever been between Naples and Tampa Bay Florida, there’s a lot of people and structures in between, it’s a highly populated area. Re: Hurricane Ian.

Basketball star Kyrie Irving stayed a pure blood which cost him millions in revenue. I’m surprised he couldn’t get a doctor to squirt the clot shot into the garbage and fill out a card for him for $500,000.

Why FoxNews questioning mayor of Key West about not encouraging evacuation? “So you backed them (residents) not leaving”? Maybe you’d drive further north into worse conditions, you jackass.

Now if John’s Hopkins NASA dart fart asteroid smash fails, wouldn’t that negatively impact future funding from the government? So whadda think is going to be the result of the asteroid bump? Success!

I like Herschel Walker, I hope he beats Warnock in Georgia. He going to have to win by a lot. Because I think they cheat.

Edward Snowden granted Russian citizenship. I wonder if he’ll be conscripted. 🤔

It’s ok Paul Offit - we remember how you felt about the kids being Superheroes getting the vaccine back in December. So long ago...😒
FDA Vaccine Adviser Suggests Young Healthy People Shouldn’t Get Latest COVID Booster

@obihahn Newish Fox News meteorologist (perhaps). I could do this job. Look at this lame graphic. 😒. I can’t look like that though😔

Breaking news: Pfizer joins Moderna in asking FDA to “green light” their Omicron boosters in kids aged 5-11. Not my words I got that from CNN.

CNN report on Rainbow colored Fentanyl. “Some experts say the colors could be to differentiate between different batches”. 😒

Not mentioned: fentanyl is coming across the porous Southern border and made with components from China.

Why so gleeful CNN reporter?🤨

She was 12; I was 30; Biden comment on 9/23 to NEA union members. Including their laughter. Why do teachers and educators find it amusing? 🤨

Made it in the official White House transcript

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