Elephant in the UK room ???

I contacted UK's Office for National Statistics yesterday querying when deaths by years of age data would be available for 2020.

I was told there was no release date as yet but that I could get the data here instead.


I combined the male and female deaths by years of age and added it to my sheet I had for years 2010 to 2019 and then graphed it.

Makes for interesting viewing !!! 🧐

Seems Govt killed more people than the coof ! 🤡

@Cbrooklyn112 gulags are only for those smart enough to ask questions. For the vast majority it will be a work order, me thinks. You know, like in the Soviet block back in the day. And the plebs will prolly be happy that they're being "provided". Heck, they'll even be happy to join the party for extra rations and shit.

Shepard Smith to Dr. Rochelle Walinsky: "Are masks with us for a long long time? Years? Forever?"

Response: "I do hope ... we will one day be able to get rid of those masks."

Really??? One day??? I’ll bet that day is Jan. 20, 2025.

Nobel prize winning [email protected] for humans from Mumbai arrived, 4 weeks delivery to whereabouts unknown in the northern hemisphere. If you’re thinking about doing it, it worked for me🤷🏻‍♂️🥳. Package wasn’t effed with - it came wrapped like a Christmas gift. Makes a great Christmas gift! Source they all seem the same out of Mumbai. Try “buy h0rse [email protected] for humans dot us”

“Whenever I cross the border illegally, I do so wearing my Biden-Harris shirt.”🤗

New CNN rotation: remaining hesitant are now the “resistant”. Are you part of the RESISTANCE?!

Coming up on CNN, doctor threatened by patient for not prescribing “horse dewormer”...😒

I can remember health class in the 90s.. teaching us about biology, sex and the differences between the 2 genders... so edgy!

If you replace "Democrat Party" with "Chinese Communist Party" things start to make a lot more sense.

@Smeeagain - On the presumption that this isn't just a troll...

That's the whole point. Half of the city is locked out of restaurants because of their vaccine status. Many in the city are hungry

Instead of accommodating tiny street vendors, NYC closes down the shop AND DESTROYS all that food...

Simply cruel and senseless!

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