Anyone got experience with the Fairphone 3+??

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@Haddem I believe @djsumdog has some opinions on that company he might want to share.

@shebang @djsumdog

Very much appreciated if he would!
Primary reason for me to buy the phone would be the ease of repair.

@Haddem @djsumdog I'd take a look at the Pinephone Pro, since they have all their parts just for sale on their webpage.

Note though, neither of these phones are like, android or IOS. So it kinda depends on where you are coming from.

@shebang @djsumdog my preffered OS would be /e OS for now. Set up a nextcloud server to sync. Coming from a Dumbphone right now.
Though i'm not afraid of any linux distro. (Exceptn gentoo perhaps)

@Haddem @shebang I want to try /e at some point. My current device went the LineageOS+microG route:

It’s still Android, but no Google spyware. I run my own CardDav/CalDav server (Radicale), I use DavX to sync, and I run my own e-mail.

@djsumdog @shebang @Haddem me, too (all of those things)! So you're an XA2 user too?

Isn't it quiet?
@eric @shebang @Haddem I ended up putting Lineage+microG on my Xperia 10. The XA2 is in a box as a backup if it ever breaks 😅
@djsumdog @shebang @Haddem wise choice. It's a capable, proven device.

I am running without the big G entirely, having blocked them at the network level.

This option is extremely effective, but comes at the expense of never being able to communicate with anyone who hosts, sends or receives with them.

It took me four years to come to this conclusion, and forty percent of my internet experience is permanently broken.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


> I am running without the big G entirely, having blocked them at the network level.

Now for the 'C', 'A', 'E', 'F', 'A' and 'M' in (#)CAGEFAM — don't forget (#)Akamai!


If anyone desperately needs to access a (#)technoFascist website, there's Tor. People that side with technoFascists are likely not going to be worth our time.

@[email protected] @djsumdog @shebang

@dsfgs @djsumdog @shebang we're a third of the way there.

I do not allow Twitter, Facebook (or its properties) or Apple to connect either.

I'm on acceptable terms with Amazon and Microsoft and am pleased with the relationship I have.

Ever since I activated port 465 it's gotten so much easier to send mail to other Outlook users and I don't want to waste that goodwill.

Amazon, in addition to Interserver and Twilio-Sendgrid, have done excellent work in responding to and addressing my complaints about spam from their networks.

If I have concerns about their data practices, the best course of action is to give them only what's needed to keep services up.
@shebang @Haddem Nope, never had a Fairphone. They're not as easy to get in the US. I've only deal with Purism/Liberm. Never buy their products. I have an order from 2019 they still haven't fulfilled 😡

I've heard the Fariphones are decent. I remember reading they were upset they had to discontinue replacement parts for the first one sooner than they wanted because their supplier would no longer fab parts and they were going to try to fix that with other releases, but I've never tried one, so :blobcatshrug:

@djsumdog @shebang

Thanks for your input! Librem seems cool but have heard stories about pushing releasedates. I quickly lose interest when that happens. I'm in Europe, so no delivery issues for me.

Will take a look at Radicale, instead of Nextcloud. I'm just starting to set up my own servers for this kind of stuff.

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