Had anyone got any experience with the Fairphone 3+ in combo with /e OS?

I should be going to bed, but I'm stuck listening to this wonderful piece:


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Imagine saying “I had mild symptoms of polio, tuberculosis or tetanus, because I’m vaccinated”

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Anyone got that video of Guy Verhofstadt screaming in European parliament that nation states need LESS sovereingty due to brexit? Need to convince a friend Verhofstadt is NOT a federalist

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Why oh why would Bloomberg suggest we don't buy in bulk?! Looks to me you should buy in bulk, because next week prices will be higher.

They all like a good crisis to get all the power don't they.

E10 is standard in the Lowlands, but I refuse to dump it into my car. I'm sticking to 98. Might be more expensive, but gets you a greater distance too.

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Good analysis from The Race: youtube.com/watch?v=zaMTQfkZoH

It does look like a problem with the handling of the E10 fuel.

Listened tot X22 during the Obama era. He seems tot be right all along...?!?

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VanEck Russian ETF @ €5.17. Buy when there's blood in the streets.

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Anyone have real pictures of the supposedly Russian shelled nuclear power plant?

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