Alert! The bureau of statistics in the Lowlands used new models!! The new Holy Models say there were MORE Wuhan Flu deaths. Up to 100% moar! Fear and cower in place and get your Mondkapje NOW! @adam

Installed Lineage OS without Google.
Now my banking app is protesting. Try to login using browser on desktop. Need banking app for that.
Contact the bank. They politely ask me why I dont use Google. Explain why. They politely ask me to reinstall Google.

Bye bye bank.

Podcast Addict for Android is pinging (Twitter owned) every 30 seconds.
I switched over to the free ( real free) and open source AntennaPod

It's great and quiet.

The Aurora app store is a great Google Play Store alternative. Has the same apps, but no goog account needed. Plus it shows all the trackers used by an app, so you can filter out the baddies!

@adam DeGoogled Samsung Galaxy S8 with LineageOS makes it shut up for the most part. Traffic down +90%
Unable to use youtube though. But we'll live.

@adam WH Press not that serious about the deadly virus. But hey... BLOOD ON HIS HAAAAANDS just sounds right

Why the hell did they even bring Biden into this Flynn scam? 😂 Did they want this to fail?

Every govt in the EU (yes that includes the UK) announced stimulus packaged into the billions of euro's for businesses. Monetary stimulus seems not to work, now the fiscal stimulus will be tried. Is this the beginning of the end of the financial system as we know it?

@adam Wheeew lad. Calling out hoarding behavior and linking it to the media craze gets a lot of anger my way. I think people in the Lowlands are ready to snap

I never got it when people go nuts over Marvel superhero cross-over movies. But I do now, hearing @adam on JRE. Fantastic stuff. You did great Adam!

@adam the truth always wants to come out. @2:52 "to help the spread"

@adam, which relayserver do you use for noagendasocial?

Voor de TPO Podcast luisteraars onder ons: om ons te verbazen over de nederlandse media te verbazen, en een gemeenschap op te zetten!

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