I love being able to read cyrillic now because russified english words are hilarious.

FediFinder Update
The big update I mentioned last weekend is here. The results that get listed in the "Browse" section now come with extra data. Most significant is the criterion that connected you in the social matching algo, but there's also the specific distance away in the 'nearest' tab and join time in the 'newest' tab. I hope this will better facilitate connections. See pic for examples.

Slow week for new instances/users but worth noting is the inclusion of poa.st. Tell your fedi friends!

FediFinder Update
Minor this time, but I have something more useful in the works. Today I've added support for custom emojis, with some caveats. Unless I'm missing something, Mastodon and Misskey are weird about how they handle emojis, so for now this will only work for users on Pleroma instances. I've made one exception, since NAS users are only using the verified checkmark, this image has been hard-coded in. Example attached.

Thanks to emoji-master @p for pointing me in the right direction.

Am I being psychically influenced by Sam Hyde? Or the other way around?

The highlight of the new Cody Wilson interview with Reason

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