I can't even tell anymore how many mass shootings are happening... it's like 4 this week?

I love being able to read cyrillic now because russified english words are hilarious.


We're back!!!!

After a long hiatus we are back with a new episode and dipping into the extended kok universe with @GWFF !


Join us on a journey through everyone's favorite addiction, porn!

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Just learned that Australians use the same shoe sizing convention we do in the US. I feel even more connected.

Ok, I had to double check this one because it's insane.


So Ghislaine Maxwell's sentence is cut by 10 years. Its widely reported on right wing news but also on yahoo and msn.

and yeah, this happened about the same time as the roe v wade leak.

What was her total sentence though?

>On 29 December 2021, Maxwell was found guilty and convicted by a jury in US federal court on five sex trafficking-related counts carrying a potential custodial sentence of up to 65 years' imprisonment: one of sex trafficking of a minor (maximum: 40 years), one of transporting a minor with the intent to engage in criminal sexual activity (10 years) and three of conspiracy to commit choate felonies (15 years total).[137]

So 15 years, and now only 5 years.

5 YEARS for running an international pedo trafficking ring.

I guess the elites don't want to wait all that long to get their victims back, or the new pedo ring leaders aren't as good at it as she was.
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