Are there collectors for branded stuff from defunct companies? I have bags from Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns

Watching Ukraine war footage and this guy has a totenkopf in a sombrero patch lol

I found a site that collects and displays block rationale for fedi servers.

NAS posts are rejected by 157 servers:

"Jim you have no principles" said the man who voted Obama twice, is in to blacked porn, doesn't pay child support, hasn't hugged his own son, wouldn't drive his mom to dialysis, didn't marry the woman he knocked up, divorced the woman he did marry, is an alcoholic and a compulsive gambler, promotes jews running for office all while larping as a right wing conservative catholic.

But you're right, I sell hats lmfao


✇ FediTips (@feditips)
22 August 2022 at 01:49
Mastodon admins!

There's an option for adding custom CSS to your server at Preferences > Administration > Site Settings > Custom CSS

However, there's no official guide on how to use it :(

The nearest I can find to a guide for creating custom Masto CSS is this unofficial page:

Any other suggestions welcome!


The more I hear about the situation with the rail workers the more I feel myself going full commie.

@adam @Johncdvorak
Now we have MSM confirmation:

Facebook and Twitter (and probably others) are strategic military influence operations (create fake consensus, agitate, incite, ensnare, etc). In the course of cleaning up "bots", they call the DoD special operations command to warn them if they find a bot that is too obvious and could blow the cover.

Now that I have your attention:

Only people who need Therapy in a major way spend their time posting strings of Cat Pics to Social Media, and this is as true here as it is on Facebook, Twitter, or any other Social Media.

We do not care about your cat(s), but we care about you.

Please seek Professional Counseling Help, and have your Physician test you for the Toxoplasma Gondii parasite.

Zelensky motorcade accident while leaving the CarKeyv region.

Monday Morning Motivation with an oldie but a goodie.
Keep this one in your back pocket for the climate quarantines here in a couple years.

@GWFF The store radio was playing "Crocodile Rock" today and I think it's a great opportunity for you to parody it with KoK.

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