I thought I had ordered an orgone accumulator but now I've got all these snake bitches hanging around my house. I checked the receipt and it's actually a gorgon accumulator smh.

I bet if you just started saying “Hey that thing on your lip looks like goose herpes” to people on the subway in New York every day for a month, you could get an article about the coming goose herpes epidemic to show up in the NYT.

Ebay using NFC tag technology to tell me how the Jordans I ordered are 100% legit.

I can't even tell anymore how many mass shootings are happening... it's like 4 this week?

I love being able to read cyrillic now because russified english words are hilarious.


We're back!!!!

After a long hiatus we are back with a new episode and dipping into the extended kok universe with @GWFF !


Join us on a journey through everyone's favorite addiction, porn!

Listen to "Pregnant Puppy Nipples" now on a modern podcast app!

Just learned that Australians use the same shoe sizing convention we do in the US. I feel even more connected.

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