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Nick the Rat #90: "Tulpa Tulpa Tulpa" - @NICKtheRAT -

@Gramerica @Grimsteak @cg_ma i really like defence soap and shiaki shampoo, buy both by the gallon on Amazon. I use dr bonners toothpaste. Toms has some toothpaste with sodium lauryl sulfate as a main ingredient.

@SpookyR walking and texting is the leading cause of falling in manholes. Or should we call then theyholes? I dont wanna assume genders..

@lizzymoda must be something in the air today. First time i popped on in awhile also haha

@ProfWorr probably both lol. Always sit in on live graliens, and donate frequently to mid! Love that micah :)

@ProfWorr thanks!! I lurk every now and again. Hearing adam misidentify the dabs triggered me lol

@adam i think the dabs he meant are smoking shatter on a titanium nail!! Next level pot smoking!!

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Grimerica #226: "Grimerica Talks The Future of Farming & Feeding the World Sustainably with Joel Salatin" - Fri, 02 Jun 2017 -

@ProfWorr @CarBlanez33 George Bluth ended up being a patsy for the CIA to bug homes in iraq for them. Let's see how this all plays out :)

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