Only 3 spots left for the Montana tour with Randall Carlson June 13-19. Randall Carlson and Special Guest Brandon Powell, Instructor of the Wim Hof Method 6 Days, 2 states, All inclusive (see website)

@Grahamerica @Grimericano Lineage OS is also good if you don't have/want a google pixel phone, but it is slightly less secure and not as easy to flash to a phone. CalxOS is really the best phone ROM in town in my opinion if you care about privacy, security, functionality, ease of use and ease of flashing.
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@Grimericano @Grahamerica Stoked to hear you talking about degoogled phones on Grimerica Outlawed. I believe noagendaphone is just a port of Graphene OS. People new to the concept of a degoogled android phone may have a better experience with CalxOS and using MicroG to replace google play services. Easier to set up and easier to use.

Damn thus graphene is slick. Way above expectations thus far, thanks Tim.

Toooting from my NA phone pixel 6 pro with graphene

S01E70: It's Oscillating!
Behind the SchƎmƎs

It would have been worse with that Department of Death crippled since the betaverse.

We're honored to have the powerful @Gramerica and @Grimericano from the Grimerica Podcast tonight! Passing out social ranking sfx out like mandatory candy! Wanna get in on some underground Sasquatch orgies!? Stories of U.F.O.'s, paraweird happenings, inside jobs. GET SOME.

Cut the fleshy part underneath of your tongue, reach up, and taste that God hole.


Edmund marriage

"I dont want to get too conspiratorial.."

"Yeah right."


Ever hear news about Russian bots and think....

"Its not Russian bots... Its me!"


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