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DR Andrew Wakefield - 1986 The Act - Grimerica Outlawed

Available as an audiobook for the first time ever. The Secret Doctrine Vol 1 Cosmogenesis, by HP Blavatsky

Good Grimerica Grimes morning, Darren Grimes turns 40 Today!
Happy Birthday Darren.

@Grimericano The last episode with Joe Rupe was high level. You and Graham have always provided headier content than most of what I listen to. True self help. You will see my money soon after some budgeting. I feel terrible for not supporting for so long. Thankyou.

@theDanielJLewis I'm in the middle of writing the official How do I podcast 2.0 document. Hope to have it done by the end of the week.

@sizzletron it’s a fun listen. The guys have interesting guests. @Grimericano

Hearing @adam tease a @Grimericano collab on today's No Agenda has me pretty excited! 😎

Episode two of ancient mysteries and lost civilizations premiering tonight! Featuring Advanced Ancient Technology with Ben from @UnchartedX1
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@TwittersDead @Grimericano the coolest thing about mastodon is that you're not married to an instance (server) if you just started out and are a fan of #grimerica you might want to create an account directly on their server this way your local timeline will include all the conversations going on there.

Mastodon online is a big instance and a bit general.

@Grimericano this was a great episode; only wish I could afford the BLACK BUDGET

@TRUTH_Hero @Gramerica @Grimericano YEH! WELCOME! LOYAL TO DAH FOIL BRO! but i think youll find grimerica is way cooler and more down to earth

@Grimericano awesome! Great pod on tfh, super insightful. Thanks for the heads up on mastodon...had never heard of it before.

Check out our new video show on rokfin. Just launched yesterday.

Yo @darrenoneill says I can’t message cause +m or some shit in troll room. Any advice ?

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