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Holy shlit

Sam Harris just admitted he supported censoring the Hunter Biden laptop story because it was a conspiracy to help Biden win

This man just set his entire career on fire

And makes a bizarre comment about Hunter with the corpses of children in his basement

msnbc has no problem with sourcing a lawyer who's fine with breaking attorney client confidentiality. Perhaps Trump doesn't want lawyers with loose lips?

Picture is worth a thousand words and twitter just gave be two thousand words: What they think we care about vs what they think of us.

Ok, just so I'm 100% clear on this. Liz Cheney's losing her election was entire due to Donald Trump and had nothing to do with the public's opinion of her. The public didn't even vote. Trump just showed up with a Publisher's Clearinghouse sized ballot and voted her out.

Is that correct?

I don't think that people in cities realize that in the United States, for the overwhelming majority of the geography, the only difference between it and a nature preserve is the occasional house.

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The entire nation of England could be transformed into one giant coal burning smoke stack and it still wouldn't have a significant contribution to the atmosphere:

According to CNN, the public loves Liz Cheney. It was Trump that lost her the primary.

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Did Liz Cheney win yet? Experts told me she would win.

Always go to the bathroom before you commit suicide.

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Has anyone here ever been able to read a The New Yorker article past the second paragraph? I just can't do it.

A burger promo that demands the efficiency of the Japanese to pull off :

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