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Grimerica #240: "Grimerica Talks Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth with Richard Gage AIA" - @Gramerica @Grimericano -

Jesus this man spreading thing?!?! Wtf is next....
Maybe cause I'm short and stocky but I CANT sit with my legs together!!
Nor can I cross them, unless I'm in a crappy lotus on the floor position but not while sitting in a chair.
My legs will NOT sit like that!! What if I was 6'5".... probably would look a lot worse.

Haven't listened yet but it looks good! What I was mentioning earlier about social engineering etc

Check out the 'Jay's Analysis' podcast.

I was listening to the episode 'Rockefeller Frankfurt School Tavistock Degeneracy - Jay Dyer' and thought you might enjoy it

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I hate to say it..... but these trails seemed very odd and out of ordinary ! Maybe it's just a little cooler up there or maybe they are experimenting
Was during peak

Good compilation of antifa violence..... it's from many sides folks wake up msm.

Trained how to ride in bike lane in Netherlands ?!?! Lol. Your in the biiike lane!

@adam congrats!! Looking forward to hearing you on Infowars next week!

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Grimerica #235: "Grimerica Talks Physicians Untold Stories & Miraculous Experiences with Dr. Scott Kolbaba" - @Gramerica @Grimericano -

Coming up on the No Agenda Stream after #951 LIVE:

Grimerica #234: "Grimerica Talks "Esoteric Hollywood", Social Engineering and More with Jay Dyer" @Gramerica @Grimericano

And these "where as Trumps".... regarding his business dealings. I really don't get why he was ever allowed to run in the first place if these were going to be issues. Same with the family ones. Everyone knew he's an international biz man. Gimme a break
You would think all that would be clarified before the bloody race.
So annoying.

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