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We learned from Nick the Rat that Red art Wins! i see a few candidates

I am no longer allowed to post "funny" (or at least what I find funny) Covid meme's in our Slack channel at work. Most of it I get here....LOL

My new definition for "Dinosaur":
Something that should be extinct in the work place. Old policy's that no longer work or the philosophy of "we've always done it this way..." Manager's that continue to function in this manner or allow broken policy's to remain need to be educated or extinct!

"Ghislaine Maxwell did not kill herself" Trying to be the first!

Listening to Sunday's show... a male "Karen" in my opinion should be a "Kyle" or "Ashley"

I just told my wife, a hard core "never trumper" and "Hillary Bot",that the Libertarian candidate is a woman. She said if she was a Democrat, then she would vote for her, but she feels any vote that is not for the Democratic nominee is a vote for Trump. Sigh........ So after the election she will once again accuse me of voting for Trump and be pissed off for anther 4 years.... ugggg

I like that the term "Karen" now associates with the "Social Distance" and "Face Mask" enforcers of the world. shoe fits... Or should it be "Social distance warrior"?

I've been watching "Waco" on Netflix. Interesting that they took the slant that the ATF and FBI were the bad guys. Breaking the normal narrative of they were a bunch of crazy gun nuts that abused their kids.

@adam the Dr. Fauci saying "no masks" This was broadcast MARCH 8.

She can shoot them from a cannon, into a brick wall, sell the video, and make more money! Then again, my genes say that I'm just a

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