I led a multi-departmental client meeting yesterday. After, the client manager stopped the meeting and told me that it was the best, most well-organized meeting he'd ever attended.

It shocked me, I am so not used to people saying nice things these days. I stammered through a thank you, and actually teared up after the meeting.

I want to hug the guy who made the comment; it takes courage to be nice right now. A resolution is in order: try to make others feel good, regardless of this world.

Biden better stay out of hot tubs, small boats, private aircraft, etc.......

the story starts like this.... "Biden walks down to his basement, takes off his mask, looks up startled and says 'oh hi..... what are you doing her................' "

Call me a pessimist or maybe a realist... Here's how I see it. As long as the "sheep" out number the "rest of us" and believe the media and do what they are old by politicians and the M5M, it won't matter who is elected as president. The rioting and looting and protesting will continue well into next year and the lockdowns and "fear porn" will keep the masks on and the people subservient for at least the next year or more to come. I hope I am wrong! I don't see change anytime soon.

@Rad_Grand_Dad I was going to say jump on the Giraffe's back and ride to freedom! LOL

@SirSpencer Source? People I share with will want a reputable source.....

Biden has a NBC new special at 8pm EDT tonight. From a former TV newscast director standpoint.... He is going up against a football game on CBS and Monday Night Football on ESPN. Looks like he doesn't want anyone to watch it.... Just my $.02

@AzurusNova Technically, it's only a HIPPA violation if he wasn't the one that told the world. If ANYONE else without his permission told the world he has Covid... then yes, HIPPA violation. If Trump didn't tell the world... the media would say he was hiding it!
He almost had to.

@fragen it fell into his shirt, like it was clipped to the cuff and then fell in. Who knows. Maybe a Vitamin B12 IV drip....LOL

@DameAshley I hope it wasn't the house we bought in May of 2018...if it was, we need to talk and may have mail for you.... 😜

@Johncdvorak We need a Trump one too... just to be fair. Thing like "the Best" "Crooked" "Jobs", etc....

@DameAshley Im in Cleveland Heights near Cedar and Taylor.... I can walk to the Melt (if it ever opens again)

@neanderthalsnavel I don't know about that... I'm in Cleveland Heights... don't need more drama than I already have in my house! ITM!

@neanderthalsnavel From what I have been told... National Guard usually don't have bullets in the guns.... I hope they keep it under control.... CLE doesn't need to be the next PDX!

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