Biden better stay out of hot tubs, small boats, private aircraft, etc.......

the story starts like this.... "Biden walks down to his basement, takes off his mask, looks up startled and says 'oh hi..... what are you doing her................' "

Made a Clip!
Slack on NA
episode 1221
"Slack specifically is Pavlovian, slave oriented, groupware."
Adam Curry - the Podfather
No Agenda Episode 1221

Just received the following text. Uggg! feel free to attack the number it came from!

@adam Saw these at a candy/chocolate store in a local mall in Beachwood, Ohio (Cleveland area)

having a rather shitty day, found this amusing in our world of constantly being spied on by something... This is in the bottom of our inter-office Skype for Business

Just missing some "Rath of God" and a few locusts and frogs... Be afraid citizen!

This was a new term for me... "Advertorial" Native ad for a new dog chew.....

I love to use Urban Dictionary when naming a pet.
What is it called when you poop and cough at the same time? Can't find it.
"Blumpkin", "Unicorn", and "Hot Carl" can't wait to meet their new sister....

Is there a big push for war with China. That's a horrible idea.... what time do we start? Ugggg. Screen shots from IE "new tab" pages today

A guy I work with is at an off-site training... he found his double!

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