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Got my application for an absentee (mail in) ballot ready to go. I will mail it back tomorrow. I shall participate in the chaos!

Just got a text from the Trump HQ. Asking me if i'm concerned about the riots in Portland. I'm in Ohio.... Not my circus, not my monkeys!

Does anyone else think of the movie "I am Legend" with Will Smith when Dr. Bill Gates and "the gang" start talking about a vaccine? "Oh yeah, vaccine rushed to market with incredible public publicity..... I've seen this movie."

Here comes your "healthy" stamp for college football..

"Abbott anticipates being able to produce 50 million of the BinaxNOW tests by October. In addition, Abbott is designing a free mobile app that will allow those who test negative to display a temporary, date-stamped health pass. That pass will be renewed each time a new test is administered."

A small part of me wishes Biden would win. I'm surrounded by Dimench B Democrunts in my house and for work. Tired of "orange man bad" and "corona" every where I go. I would have to take a solo camping trip to the woods to escape at this point.

Hey JCD... had an idea.... fires on Hwy 80, melt some tar.... boom! No more Pot Holes!😜

It is my birthday today and I chose to go skydiving. Skydivers don't generally social distance or wear masks or follow many social rules. I have been placed in quarantine in my own house by my wife because I chose to enjoy my birthday. I come home tonight and say "Hi", I get "Please don't come in here." This will be a fun two weeks. I will make this promise here, if i get sick from Covid in the next two weeks, I will give up skydiving for a year. She needs to apologize after the 2 weeks.

Just made my yearly $55.10 birthday donation for myself... pay pal didn't let me leave a note.... emailed to John!

Looking forward to the new "evil genius" game. Sounds like the found a voice for a few of the game characters....

How big of an insensitive Dick am I being if I just want the mask, social distancing, etc to end and "natural selection" runs it's course. I'm sorry for those lost to the disease, and the loved ones left behind. Aren't we interrupting our own (humanities) evolution by not letting the strong be the ones that survive. I don't want anyone else to be affected or get sick, or die... but isn't this how "survival of the fittest" is supposed to work? Or am I just a dick? Flame war in 3...2...1..Go!

Weird, a "Red" show art did not win this week. The trend of "Red Art" is dead i guess.

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