In an "IT All Hands" meeting via Zoom (think expensive Webex). Time to troll here for about an hour and a half

Just received the following text. Uggg! feel free to attack the number it came from!

I keep hearing Fletcher yells when I read one liners here that are jingles!


@adam Saw these at a candy/chocolate store in a local mall in Beachwood, Ohio (Cleveland area)

what is the dutch work for "ant fucking" or to be "ant fucked" I want to use it at work....

What is the "coupon code" for no agenda listeners shopping at ""?

having a rather shitty day, found this amusing in our world of constantly being spied on by something... This is in the bottom of our inter-office Skype for Business

Who is more excited... a Linux person converting a Windows user to Linux or a lesbian converting a hot girl? I used to work with a lesbian that was really proud of her conversions....

Just missing some "Rath of God" and a few locusts and frogs... Be afraid citizen!

This was a new term for me... "Advertorial" Native ad for a new dog chew.....

I love to use Urban Dictionary when naming a pet.
What is it called when you poop and cough at the same time? Can't find it.
"Blumpkin", "Unicorn", and "Hot Carl" can't wait to meet their new sister....

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