They should let Dave Chappel host one of these stupid award shows....

I"m now a MSP dude named Ben. On the phone today with a Pastor at a local church.... I mentioned that "gas prices keep going up" as part of conversation and he says "yea... started right after the inauguration." Some how it's wrong to "hit him in the mouth" but I think someone got to him first... then he said "oh... did I say that part out loud..." I said it was ok, i'm not offended.

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I just saw a group of about 5 African Americans just walking through the live stream I'm watching with a ton of red MAGA hats near by... you know what... nobody cared. This isn't about white supremecy.... this is about people being fed up! And maybe a few drunks with a guy dressed as Pepe the frog!

so, to test the vaccine? will those vaccinated be forced to hang out in a Covid ward to see if they get sick? Asking for a friend....

4 big boxes containing 500 masks (2000 in total) sent to our office from the State of Ohio. that's a lot of money for an empty office. There's your tax dollars at work. At compacity... 500 people in the office... less than 10 on average in the office each day since March. Thank you for spending money so wisely Ohio on one of thousands of empty offices....

Sent this from the newsletter to my 13yr old... she thought it was perfect! Online learning.... not so perfect for her.

My father-in-law (not a rational individual in my opinion) said that "Rudy Giuliani must die from Covid. Someone in the Trump administration has to die from it to show how serious it is..." This is how the left is thinking right now.... I'm not a Trump lover or Rudy fan but wishing death on someone to just make a point.... not cool, not cool.

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