Seeking everyone's help in tracking the emergent Clown Summer. How far and fast has it spread? Who is behind the Clowns? Our only hope of finding out is by working together.

If you see a clown, or someone who seems clown-like (disguised?) where it doesn't belong (a public beach, in line at Lands End) please contact @coldacid or I immediately so we can report it on Rare Encounter.

You may even be deputized as an Jr Clown Investigator (JCI)

-Detective Able

Here's a great picture. I love it for my own reasons, and the haters will loathe it for their own. This was the day I cemented my relationship with my darling wife:

After a couple months of emails and phone calls, my now darling wife and I met in person. Then a few days later, we visited a classroom, taught by my now mother-in-law, and full of students who had sent letters of support to me while I was overseas, all at my mother's request, mind you. I was there to thank those children....

Marketing email from Uber …

“Try Uber One for free. What is this, DUH-livery?

$0 delivery free — yes please

5% off orders — and 100% more fun

Priority drivers — it’s basically that VIP life

Don’t let a delivery fee hold you back”

Is it possible for them to adopt a more obnoxious tone? Their marketing department is a valley girl …

I know it's hard to find good people...

... it just FEELS so incestuous.

according to the cheap antigen test, I just wrapped up round 2

two days of fever and a couple of days of being tired

suspect it was just regular flu, but I ate the horse paste and drank the bleach (hcq) just in case

never felt anywhere near as bad as round 1 back in January

In WWII, the Japanese supposedly sent thousands of candle-powered balloons to the USA...

... intended to start forest fires on the west coast.

NOW, NK says they're being attacked with COVID that way.

@adam @Johncdvorak all the mead talk during the donation segment; now has me hearing No Agenda Mead ups everywhere. I can't UNhear it!!!

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