just saw this on the bird about ending the filibuster. the "i am what i say you are" phrase has never been more accurate

Researchers Build Embryo-Like Structures from Human Stem Cells | www.caltech.edu

caltech.edu/about/news/researc Killing off the current human population and designing a brand new human one gene at a time… sci-fi novel or Build Back Better @adam

Confess, Chucri!
Be a man and confess, Steve Chucri!

BREAKING: Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri RESIGNS From Office After TGP Exposé : “There Was No Cover-Up, The Election Was Not Stolen. Biden Won.”



I think the idea of being self-reliant in an extreme situation is good, fine, and a worthwhile goal. But should you ever reach the point of being self-reliant, I think the goal ought to be to work towards returning to the center -- community-reliance.

I'm self-reliant, in theory. I don't /need/ electricity. I don't /need/ any external inputs to generate enough outputs for my family to survive, but I shudder to think of a life entirely reliant on self.

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[RT @DoctorAnarchist]
You should always feel comfortable questioning your medical provider.

Chances are they are sleep deprived and prone to mistakes.

After all, medical errors cause 250,000 deaths/year.

It's a pandemic.

Fall is my family’s favorite time of year. And nothing indicates that Fall is here more than owls hooting back and forth to each other in our backyard.

Oooohh... @Invictus:

The NWO took off its mask and made all of us wear one.

So, I learned it's only for hospital personnel, must show badge.

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Office of Inspector General Investigating FDA's Accelerated Approvals

"First Time Ever FDA Approval Follows Zero Recommendation From Advisory Panel"

In-n-out burger mobile kitchen...

... in hospital parking lot.

Well, the number of people I "know" who have died of Covid just increased by one.

He was unvaxxed. His wife was double-vaxxed. She caught Covid from her co-workers, tested positive, and tried to isolate, but by then it was too late. She'd given it to her husband.

I'm sure both sides could blame his death on the other. But, truly, it's just a function of living in a free world where shit happens.

RIP, my dad's friend from NRA

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