hey @adam, is supposedly getting music license options although

"no agreements with any record labels yet"


when I ask how much rain we GOT last night, she never knows.

She DOES see into the future for anticipated moisture... but not the past.

What's ODD is, past is one of those Known Knowns.

Whereas forecasts are... well... not always accurate.

G is more comfortable citing an uncertain future than a recorded past.

I bought a rain gauge.
1.3 inches last night

it is a

There was an era when only a small percentage "gamed" the system. It could support a little. Some knew but let it slide.

Now, it's just the way things are done. All day. Every day.

And often with no skin in The Game or little to gain.


hey, @adam... Tim Ferriss is going to try the Value For Value support model on his very popular podcast for the next six months.

Should be interesting to see how his experiment turns out.


Billionaire founder of opioid firm guilty of bribing doctors to prescribe drug l.curry.com/f8F

more MISAPPROPRIATION of the popular term PODCAST lately...

... some interesting projects, but clearly NOT .

"If an audio file is not available over the web, or is behind a paywall, or is otherwise exclusive it may be a very fine worthwhile thing, but it is not a ." -Dave Winer (of fame)

"more people listen to per week (19%) than listen to SiriusXM (16%)" per Nielsen -- ht Podnews

so, SiriusXM had revenues of $5+ billion last year...

"this means us getting hold of meaningful audience data"

meaningful = additional

NEXT: @NPR blocks Google unless they fully support RAD?

hey, @adam
heard about the interesting pissing contest going on between the BBC and Google?


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