@adam Thanks for the shout out on the show today!

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Any google ad experts here in the no agenda community willing to let me pick their brain?

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Union Pacific will reduce the number of its own cars and plans to meter traffic beginning April 18 if shippers don’t voluntarily reduce inventory, according to a letter to customers.

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Union Pacific and BNSF are reducing the number of railcars in their network in an effort to control congestion and address service problems caused by labor constraints and rising inventory levels.


Jeff Berwick from nine years ago making the prediction that the Japanese Yen will be the first currency to collapse.

How’s that prediction aging?


Any one have the link to the full dr mchullugh interview which John played clips from in the last show?

@Johncdvorak well I traded my first option contract today. It’s not been a profitable experience, yet, but a valuable learning experience none the less. I set my order for market price, paid way more then I should have for 10 contracts. Low volume market matters....... anyway I decided to hold over the weekend and we’ll see what happens Monday. Expensive lessons are the best remembered lessons.

@Johncdvorak your recent sub-stack article was really good. I found this Wikipedia about a dancing plague from the 1500’s which may also be due to hysteria among other theories. Thought you might be interested:


Does anyone have any experience with marketing and driving traffic to an e-commerce website?

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Based on this post i have learnt that i am part of the "hearing community"

@adam Sidney Powell lays it out clearly here what she believes occurred...... I’ve taken her to be a reputable person but I could be wrong. My understanding is she’s a practicing lawyer who’s currently representing Michael Flynn.


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@adam can you just ask Pieczenik or whoever is It the good guys or bad guys That allegedly have the scytl servers?

Good live stream, streamed tonight, with Robert Barnes discussing a lot of the “irregularities”.


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