Someday soon this pile of stone will be my fire pit. I'm thinking a three foot high curved wall to maximize heat and light, and to minimize these damned mountain winds. Until then this old tractor rim will have to suffice.

It's 11C outside and 24C in the greenhouse. The cob wall and water jugs appear to be doing their job. I'll report back later.

Like my jugs? Heat sink, baby! The water filled jugs and the cob wall should go a long way in regulating the temps in the greenhouse.

I've determined the inside of the oven will be 42" wide by 40" deep. How deep, she asked? Forty Two inches, baby.

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How it started vs how it's going. The formwork for the base of my new wood fired oven. Tomorrow we lay rebar and pour concrete.

And awaaay we go. We're building the formwork for the base of my new wood fired oven. We might even get to pouring concrete today.

And this photo is a reminder of the new door sitting in the garage, awaiting installation. It never ends with old houses.

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And now that I have a greenhouse, I need a few more raised beds for the front of the house to add to the other four on the property. Tomorrow I'll position and level them. Then a ton of dirt and I'll finish them with a cedar cap to rest our old knees on while gardening.

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I'm back in grade 8, again, sniffing nail polish remover at Greg So And So's house. Where it all began.

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Forgive me my trespasses. And forgive me for being Dazed And Confused.

So I says to the guy I'm dancing with, 'What kind of a bar is this, anyway?'

I wonder what the stats are on murder/suicides of couples who chose to live in a tiny home?

Time to put in the earbuds, and listen to today's NA. While redoing the clean dishes drying in the rack that are now covered in blood. I hope today's episode will keep my mind off the throbbing pain in my thumb.

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My lettuce was shaved way thinner than what the missus managed. I didn't complain to her, though, seeing as how all my lettuce was covered in blood.

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I put it back on, with some Krazy Glue, iodine and a heapa gauze. We'll see what happens.

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