The tub even erases a lot of the wear and tear on my old frame.

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It was a tyoical west coast evening, raind and mist and cool temperatures, and it was the most perfect setting for an after dinner dip in the hot tub. 20 minutes in that boy erases so much of the day's wear and tire put on my old frame, and I sleep so well after a soak.

It was an Oklahoma onion smash burger for dinner this evening. With that awesome "American" cheese on top.

@CoffeeFingers Holy cow, man, that's a heap to process this evening. I have no idea how veterans handle what they've seen and done. Christ, I've got PTSD from half a life of selling fucking cars.

Pretty sure Power Windows is my favourite RUSH album.

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Forgive the sawdust, but I finally finished the platform for the back of the truck cab. It's secured via the bolts for the seat frame. Now I have space for my tools, somewhere for the dogs and a place for our incoming Dometic CFX3 75DZ fridge/freezer.

T-Minus 6 days until our cross-country road trip begins.

My first time in New York City was the year this album was released. I was on a highschool trip, bought this CD as a memento. turns out it's one of my most favourite records.

Pity I only have a face for radio, and a voice for the silent pictures, @ThatLARRYSHOW, or I'd document this trip and try to monetize it.

This is my beautiful house
As long as I keep up with the mortgage

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