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There are thousands of instances on Mastodon, how do you choose the right one?

Maybe the best starting point for new users is the official Mastodon instance list:

All of them have signed a covenant guaranteeing reliability, support and responsible moderation (

If a site breaks the covenant, you can contact the developers ( and they will remove it from the list.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips #Fediverse #Instances

Anyone else planning on getting The Virus mask for Halloween?

GOB EP #191 - Dissed By A Rat

Join @Genen and I on a journey through conversation.

Thank you to @CSB, @bacondude, @Kennyben, @SirTruckDriver , Curtis and Jeremy (the streaming check dude) who is on here but I can't recall his handle, for supporting the show.

You all rock!

Gene calls out @NICKtheRAT and the podcast wars have begun!

If everyone who took the jab becomes sterile... it would create a shortage of workers in the coming decades but plans could be put in place to ramp down to it. If the jab side effects result in early mortality over the next several years, it will be much harder to maintain civilization. Only people who own vaults have the contacts to maintain their lifestyles will be in control of the future. So I hope it's sterility and not the other option for the same of the species. 😜

Is there video of any the "IDs for Voting is waaaycist" people now saying that unvaxxed people shouldn't be allowed to vote?

Boooo! One of my favourite coworkers quit. He's moving back to his home country because he has more freedom there... Where is he fleeing to? Russia! Yes, he's escaping Communist Canada to be free in Russia... the world is insane!

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