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Most gifted opera singer of her generation... Happy 19th Birthday Laura

Salutation univers! ✨

Persévérance reprend les habitudes de curiosity avec ses bon vieux selfies, mais cette fois avec un petit invité en plus !

"If they want to boycott us why don't we boycott them," GOP Sen. Rand Paul said during an appearance on Fox News after the company condemned Georgia's new voting laws.

"This is the only thing that will teach them a lesson. If Coca-Cola wants to only operate in Democrats states and have only Democrats drink them, God love 'em. We'll see how well they do when half the country quits drinking Coca-Cola."

Today's Sir Gene Speaks podcast is now up! This is a news and opinion episode, with lots more interview episodes to come in the following week. Enjoy and remember to vote with your donations!

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French police have arrested three thieves specializing in collectible Lego sets, but have only scratched the surface; they are now building a case against their sophisticated international criminal network of toy thieves.

Collections can appreciate in value exponentially over time, such as one set launched in 1978 that has risen in value by over 16,000%, while even modern sets can turn instant profits overnight once limited runs end.

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