Another Vaccinated Person Contracts Omicron Variant, This Time In Colorado - National File apparently vaccinated people are more susceptible - maybe due to compromised immune systems?

@ThewTheKooky not up to the trespasser to go after someone for obstruction… wouldn’t hold water in court. In TX even stores have signs reminding people “we reserve the right to refuse service” and if you try to go in after refusal into said Walmart, you will be put to the ground and cuffed by the security guard until the cops show up at which point you will be charged with trespassing - we don’t know the history of the “father” but we did see his behavior when told to leave property with a gun

@adam where is the RSS? I can’t find it on podcast index?

"Fox Nation host Lara Logan compares Dr. Anthony Fauci to Josef Mengele, a Nazi doctor who conducted inhumane medical experiments on Jewish prisoners in Auschwitz"

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