“This is going to be a field day for theorists,” Petrov predicts. Their musings may be a tad premature, as g-2 experimenters are still taking data and hope to reduce the experimental uncertainty by 75% within a few years. So the discrepancy could still fade. But, on the chance that the muon is really signaling the presence of something new, many theorists will be eager to start. sciencemag.org/news/2021/04/pa

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Not sure what would take $10k... there are over a dozen developers currently working on podcasting 2.0 projects independently. They are all collaborating via that fedi. I'm interviewing all of them. Podcasting 2.0 allows devs to be paid by a split of donations. Many are also open source so anyone can jump in and make code contributions or forks. Anyone who doesn't have time to finish can just share code and other will take over.

@Coyote my god you are spending way more time on this than I did... I just watched a semi-cute chick be all excited about science! that was the sum of it.

@dustinthewind they have been in US for 51 years...but people still smoke so guess it's not the commercials!

@Kulak the dollar has collapsed. The housing market is simply reflecting something that Americans are not aware of... the prices of their houses are holding steady, but the value of their dollars is going down. Banks know this

@thatguyoverthere ya my impression is he’s one of many shills paid by CCP in the US.

Watch a guy on Chinese Payroll try to tell Tim China is not dangerous at all

You can't describe silicon valley millennials more accurately in just one meme

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