I’ve been tracking CO2 in the same spot in Austin since 2013. Look at the graph at the beginning and at the end 2021... up and down but average is the same.... based on over 40,000 measurements over 8 years.

French police have arrested three thieves specializing in collectible Lego sets, but have only scratched the surface; they are now building a case against their sophisticated international criminal network of toy thieves.

Collections can appreciate in value exponentially over time, such as one set launched in 1978 that has risen in value by over 16,000%, while even modern sets can turn instant profits overnight once limited runs end.

After “creator feedback on wellbeing” - the YouTube dislike button could soon be a thing of the past.

The media giant is currently trialling the disablement of the dislike count feature – also blaming “targeted dislike campaigns” for their new design tests.

Almost every video recently released by the WH on their official YT channel scored very badly on like/dislike ratio....but alas the WH now won't be able to see just how popular their videos really are!

A HORRIFIC body rash triggered by the Johnson & Johnson vaccine left a man hospitalized after his skin “peeled off”.

Richard Terrell, 74, started suffering from the severe symptoms four days after he received the one-dose vaccine jab in Virginia.

He first felt some “discomfort” in his armpit but soon an itchy rash covered his whole body, turning his skin bright red and causing his body to swell.

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