💬 The US authorities have again prevented Russian representatives from attending an event held under the UN aegis.

The United States has refused to issue US entry visas to Russian delegation head and Head of the Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs Igor Barinov, a Russian Foreign Ministry official, and a number of representatives of small indigenous peoples of the North of the Russian Federation, who had planned to travel to New York on April 24 to attend the UN Forum on Indigenous Issues.

Even Russian Space Ships are on a peacekeeping special operation Z

I don't know about the rest of you, but I've always been partial to Amish fashion :)

The truth about US special forces embedded with Nazis is starting to come out... But is anyone really surprised anymore that US is on the wrong side?

Hope you guys watched Liras recordings. He paid with his life for sending out the truth that conflicted with US government propaganda. As far as I’m concerned the US killed another reporter by sending billions in taxpayer $ to the Nazi infestation run by Zelenskiy.

Settings for Grammarly - online spelling checker - now have a new setting you should be aware of

Man those US/EU sanctions sure did hurt Russia and only Russia! :)

For anyone who bought the ruble when it tanked... last week was a nice 21% return in just a week. (Not financial advice)

Ukrainian soldiers bravely rescued a child after Russians bombed the bridge the child was fishing on.... or is it?

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