You can always tell a Nazi apologist by the blue and yellow flag tattoo on his ass or avatar. :)

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I think half of them are that and the other are just retards with 'worldviews'.

They're the proverbial useful idiot.

I thought the No Agenda crowd were different. Apparently not.

They have swallowed the NATO propaganda hook, line and sinker

Whats next, advocating monkeypox vaccines?


@Sneaky @Genen the show has been studiously avoiding the topic and I’m not sure why, except that good info from msm sources is non existent.

@Schmilsson @Sneaky @Genen what is there, really, to talk about? After you say "i doubt any of that is true, the videos are from video games and shit" and "the US taxpayer is on the hook for like $1T, lol" what else is there?

@VIcFury i doubt you're being serious, but "apologia" is defense of something. An evangelist will apologize for their beliefs.

@picofarad @Sneaky @Genen @VIcFury there is a lot to talk about, after all most of the show is showing how the media lies. I guess if it were up to me I’d prefer a little update showing how the latest news in the west is crap. Considering the overwhelming implications of what’s going on there, it seems like it would be good to help people keep perspective. Maybe it doesn’t fit the format well and they don’t want to take sides. I was glad to hear a little of rwa a couple of shows ago at least

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