This guy faked his own disappearance as a publicity stunt.
Just sad. Can't listen to him anymore

@1033north I'd love to see your proof that he faked anything...

And I would love to see YOUR proof that this wasn't a publicity stunt...
Sorry, but it looked like a cheap stunt, with a lot of preparation. He timed his disappearance well then showed no receipts for his allegations. There is NO evidence to back up his claims that he was taken by the SBU (Ukraine FBI).
I find Coach Red Shill sketchy. Has Red Shill explained to anyone why he's not allowed to leave?
No he hasn't.
I'm calling bullsh*t.

@1033north free to call it bullshit. But accusing someone of doing some act with no evidence and just suspicion doesn't convince me to agree with you…

@Genen I am not trying to convince you.
I was expressing an opinion. I think he set up his disappearance for clicks. I think the guy is full of shit. He is not on trial and I have no authority over him. This is the internet, not a courtroom.
For what it’s worth, I agreed with a lot of his sentiments on the Russia Ukraine situation. Just think his little mia situation was a stunt!

@Genen This is why we shouldn't let Jews into any government or government-adjacent position.

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