Germany pledges to set up training bases for Azov Nazi's in Germany. WOW! At least they will be training by candlelight as Germany won't have oil or gas.

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@Genen it's still a crime to even *be* a fucking nazi in Germany, isn't it? WTF is this shit?

@Sophistifunk Special dispensation for Ukrainian Nazis... Just like US had at the end of WWII when most Nazi scientists moved to Alabama.

@CattleBaron Well the swastika is... not sure about the ones the Azov guys use... but they do have lots of swastikas as tattoos... You know it was just a matter of time till Germany wants to regain its glory days :)

@Genen @CattleBaron the narrative here in germany is "yeah, there _might_ have been a few teeny tiny nazis in azov back in the day, but now they are democrats out of the book! don't mind the obvious symbolry!"

it's really bullshit on a whole new level. germans with swastika tattoos are evil neo-nazis. azov with swastika tattoos are defenders of the western culture (defending western culture funnily enough was a literal nazi talking point..).

(for the record: war sucks)

@Genen yes ! we hear the shooting of the exercises each day now from the training grounds -and it was anounced in the news papers -

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