@Genen what a great way to engage with ppl. It’s been my experience lately these exact so called liberal types. For example they accuse me of not knowing history but have no idea what the Peloponnesian War are? Or one guy claims he did a lot of research before he took the vaccine but doesn’t know what the Vaers database is. The same guy accuses me of believing every conspiracy theory runs around laughing at ppl in Oklahoma supposedly overrunning hospitals because they OD on horse paste.

@Sideways stupid people (most of whom are on the left) are a great argument for a big ass population reset… almost makes me see the point of creating Covid

@ThewTheKooky @Genen @Sideways
HIV has never been isolated. It's a psyop. They caused deaths with the medications, they counted every junkie death as "AIDS" death... same old tricks now used for "covid".

That’s true of all diseases. It’s not a psyop. It’s a money grab. Government contracts and subsidies are pure profit. It ain’t personal, it’s business.
@Genen @Sideways

@ThewTheKooky @Genen @Sideways

It's a psyop in the sense that they made people believe there is a "virus", when in actuality there is nothing. Literally nothing.

Same tricks they did with the PCR test for the AIDS psyop, they ruined so many lives!

No, we ALLOWED them to. There are more of us than Them. By complying we ceded our rights. You’re not a victim you are volunteering. I choose to be selectively compliant as the human resource has become addicted to food clothing and shelter. ✌✊👋
@Genen @Sideways

@ThewTheKooky @mystik @Genen the biggest fallacy of movie 1984 is they will spend any amount of time trying to change our minds. It was only 6 months into Biden’s term and he was pounding his podium, “our patients has run out.” The great thing about politicizing vaccine mandates it will be easy to identify trouble makers who won’t play compliance games. There will be no re-education straight to the showers.

@mystik @Genen @Sideways actually it start longer than that.see Eisenhower Presidency. JFK solidified the power of and control over the media. 9-11 started the heavy erosion of rights. It’s been a long con we’ve/I’ve ignored like a wife ignoring lipstick stain on the collar.
The question to answer is what have I done today to recapture my rights.
I regretfully must answer, not much.

@ThewTheKooky @mystik @Genen @Sideways Start where you live, if that is place you love, change your surroundings and if we all do we can change the world.

@Genen there are plenty of idiots on the right too. Some of them don’t seem to be entirely stupid. In other words I’ve seen them complete complicated tasks with ease. It’s interesting how they can form such strong opinions on such little information and be in vehement opposition to contradictories. They deny watching the news yet they are parroting exactly what CNN has been push all week.

Note; they are glued to their cell phones as if they are solving some world crisis. It’s kind of amazing.

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