Time to look at a federal ban on Assault SUVs

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@Genen they definitely need licensing and background checks


The small car driver in me says, "Yes, please!"

But the libertarian in me is saying things that must be bleeped but roughly translate to "No."

@Meachamus_Prime Why do you hate people so much? Having this many Assault SUVs in people's hands is causing there to be more deaths from cars than from guns in the US... All we are suggesting is responsible car ownership... If you want to go to deliver a meal for Amazon Food Delivery you are still free to do so with a reasonably sized car. NO ONE needs to own an Assault SUV unless they are licensed. <shouldn't have to say this, but yes this is sarcasm>

@Genen and high capacity gas tanks. No one really needs to drive more than a couple miles between fill-ups.

@Sir_Thomas_of_Great_Bay Exactly my thoughts! 5 gallons, 10 max (with a license or if you live 50 miles outside the city) is completely reasonable!

@Genen also bring back the crank start. Electric starters should only be available in police vehicles

@Genen A Ford Escape is not a SUV. If one wants to do real damage one needs a proper body on frame vehicle.

@Genen The Toyota Land Cruiser would be the AR-15 of urban assault vehicles.

@hogihung @Genen yeah, I guess in this case, it is the red ones that are scary, not the black trucks.

We should ban bumpers while we are at it. they are designed to allow the driver to keep ramming into someone repeatedly.

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