The Tina "the keeper" Curry interview is now up!


Gene: 0:14
All right. so Tina Curry, Tina, the keeper. Yes. so let's jump into some questions that I'm sure a lot of people are wanting to know. Oh yeah.

Tina: 0:31
I'm not that


@Genen now that you scored the keeeper, how about scoring OUR Slavic bro Dvorak?

(you probably could beat GOB podcast of @darrenoneill and @SirBemrose who also tried to get him)

@CSB @Genen @SirBemrose Tried is past-tense, CSB, and incorrect.

John told us he will do GOB in May, so relax. Good things come to those who wait.

@darrenoneill @Genen @SirBemrose

Darren, I don’t believe it.

Maybe he meant “in May in next life after reincarnation “

@Genen Thank you for a very engaging conversation with The Keeper 🙏. FYI, I listened to it at 1X as always.

@PawelK might be end of week... depends on another interview I'm trying to get.

Kewl no worries. Plz try to edit a bit where i started translating from engrish to engrish. Hehe. Never before have i heard my own voice. Oh my oh my. Hope voice levels were ok.

There might be one more thing. We got here on fedi someone who is in recruitment process to sakura samurai mighty haxxor group. Ill intro him to you later. Nothing illegal here.

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