Clip from the last Sir Gene Speaks Podcast.

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Love it. Still in process of listening. Trying to get me mom to listen. She is cobol veteran from odras mainframes era. Odra is river in my town name.

Great clip too. And honest. Maybe one day after boycotts and all, those companies will realize getting involved in reverse kkk was more costly than they initially assumed.

@Genen I didn’t listen to the whole podcast, just the clip. Isn’t the point of wokeism and its hiring practices to create racism where it didn’t exist before and thus divide people? It’s all about intersectionalism and its inherent categorization/separation.

If you’re working for a company and you know your super/manager is the owner’s nephew, you’ll likely skip one level of management and go above your boss to his boss if there is a real problem. With no other info, you’re likely to assume that nephew has the position because of nepotism and not effectiveness. Why go through the extra step and maybe screw up your chances of ever presenting the problem/solution to the right person by getting it stuck with an incompetent?

In the same way, wokeism with its hiring/promotion quotas will cause people to assume incompetence in that same super/manager who’s now not the owner’s nephew but simply a different race than most are in your field in that position. Without woke quotas, you would rightly assume the person has their position because of competence/effectiveness and race isn’t even a consideration.

The point of wokeism and its intersectionalism is to divide and conquer. It pits races and sexes against each other on purpose. Wokeism wants people to divide and conquer themselves and its hiring/promotion quotas serve that purpose well.

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