@PG_Kelly @adam And why I've been telling people to NOT use parler for months. They made way too many mistakes.

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@Genen @PG_Kelly @adam Me too, saw it coming a mile off.

They need your phone number for a start (instant doxx) and then a piece of government ID (which they store in the clear apparently)

@Sabex They have my Google Voice number and my User ID. I never did the State ID thing.
@Genen @adam

@Genen @PG_Kelly @adam same..... I’ve come to find people are addicted to the “influencer” drug and these other less known platforms like mastodon and such turn these type of people off because of their addiction for likes and retweets and basically being popular in high school... It’s sad what social has done to people; really sad.

@Genen @PG_Kelly @adam well, didn't they model the company off of upholding the 1st amendment? That means .gov has the freedom to know everything about those who can say anything :)

@Genen I agree. I pointed my ProducR account to Parler as a throwaway. I figured "they'd attack Parler instead of NAS. You have good advice! @adam

Due to Adam preaching about Mastodon I am going to try to convince my local community to run their own Mastodon instance as they currently use Facebook as their main social platform to reach people. I want them to have an alternative they control. It’s just a small town in Flanders so they themselfs have no risk of ever being thrown of a server but which host deserves to be supported with an extra customer for not censuring other instances?

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