On @adam s recommendation I'm putting this out to NA Social...
I'm a multi time COO who has sold several businesses over the last decade and am looking for a startup that has grown sufficiently to be able to use my skills. (I'm looking for my next job!) ping me on here or If you want to chat about your startup and see if I can help grow it!

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I thought you were a "Legitimate Business Man"?

....that is the Night Attack episode that hit me in the mouth, still funny to this day.....

@Genen The Duke is being modest. He has been instrumental in helping us develop the V4V model.

@adam @Genen

A producer here in Charleston has a very small but profitable startup and I emailed him Sir Gene's message and linked in link. You never know.

He's not on NAS (AFAIK). He's crazy smart and driven.

@jennifer can you DM me link to that startup's website? I'm just curious.

(Polish saying says "curiosity is the first step to hell"😉 )

@Genen I’m in the very early stage of figuring out how to use unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to fulfill the requirements of FCC form 320. Most cable operators are using truck mounted detection (miss a lot) and manned aircraft (expensive, inflexible).

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