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“This is going to be a field day for theorists,” Petrov predicts. Their musings may be a tad premature, as g-2 experimenters are still taking data and hope to reduce the experimental uncertainty by 75% within a few years. So the discrepancy could still fade. But, on the chance that the muon is really signaling the presence of something new, many theorists will be eager to start.

Watch a guy on Chinese Payroll try to tell Tim China is not dangerous at all

You can't describe silicon valley millennials more accurately in just one meme

Krystal Ball: The Next Housing CRISIS Is Here And The Villains Are Exactly Who You'd Expect

If you like , psychology, and think the universe is deterministic, buy the game in this video but don’t watch the video. If you want to see someone suffering, watch the video. You’ve been warned!

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