Option 1: I had COVID and it's a "cold."

Option 2: I had COVID and it's not a "cold."

Option 3: To my knowledge I haven't had COVID and it's a "cold."

Option 3: To my knowledge I haven't had COVID and it's not a "cold."

@lizzymoda Had COVID. It’s a BAD cold.

My toes were purple and I could barely breathe more than a couple tablespoons of air at a time. Spent a week shivering with fever and scared to go to bed because I might not wake up. Didn’t go to the hospital because they would intubate me, break my lungs, and kill me.

Recovered over the next two weeks. Only lasting effect was kidney damage, which is no giving me gout. But I’m a weird case with pre-existing lung scarring and only one kidney to begin with.

@Gemmarius @lizzymoda

Hey, sorry to hear you had such a tough bout! If I may ask... what did you use for therapeutics during the infection?


@vandys @lizzymoda Chicken soup, zinc, Tylenol, vitamin C and Gatorade. My wife took the ivermectin and got over it in about three days, so I was the control in our household experiment. Kids recovered in a day with nothing but soup and bed rest.

I’m not upset about it. I got it good and hard so I’m sure my immunity to the variants is probably better. Still better than the experimental clot shots.

@Gemmarius @vandys @lizzymoda There is no variant, there is no virus. Only vitamin D deficiency.
Take vitamin D daily or get "it" again. Don't say nobody warned you.
Also ivermectin every full moon (then it's when the parasites reproduce, they get out of their cocoons, easier to kill).

@mystik @vandys @lizzymoda Sure buddy. Parasites are just waiting for the right gravity of the moon or the smell of nearby period blood to pop out of their shells and cause COVID-like symptoms.

I mean, fuck all those electron microscope pictures of viruses. I’m sure that’s just stray former cell matter caused by Vitamin D shortage.

I’m open to flat earth and therapeutic blood letting, but this is next-level retardation. Balance those humors, bro.

@mystik @vandys @lizzymoda vitamin D deficiency is a problem if you are deficient in Vitamin D.

If you work in an environment that puts you in sunlight for much of the day, don’t live on fast food, and aren’t taking strange daily medications for heart burn, acid reflux, etc (all the shit Americans put in their bodies) you are not likely to be deficient.

@mystik @vandys @lizzymoda If you want to debunk the existence of viral imaging under electron microscopes, I’m going to need a much better source for that than Tom Cowan misinterpreting research.

A shaman who lost his medical license and is trying to pretend he gave it up out of disgust with the medical community is far less credible than 4chan.

@mystik @vandys @lizzymoda Ivermectin working on COVID doesn’t mean COVID is caused by parasites. Medicines have many side effects. No one created minoxidil to combat baldness: it was a side effect. It quite possible that ivermectin has a side effect of interfering with the virus’ ability to bind to cells and reproduce.

Keep balancing your chakras!

@Gemmarius @vandys @lizzymoda

There is no covid. Therefore something causes people to end up with pneumonia. But what?

A suppressed immune system is a logical explanation. Parasites cause this.

@mystik @vandys @lizzymoda Lots of things cause pneumonia. Pneumonia is just inflammation of the lungs.

Everyone’s lungs are different. Maybe you smoked. Maybe you worked in concrete. Maybe you worked in wood shop. Maybe you lived in a big city or were born when we had leaded gas. Your baseline respiration efficiency and ability to be irritated by an infection vary.

Trying to nail down exactly how someone will respond to a new irritant is like trying to predict climate change: pointless.

@Gemmarius @vandys @lizzymoda

>vitamin D deficiency is a problem if you are deficient

Most people are. Hence the flu, common cold, and "covid".
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