Biden Accuses 80 Million Unvaxxed Americans of Being Dangerous Idiots

Biden said his patience is “wearing thin” for the 80 million or so Americans who still haven’t gotten the vaccine. In his speech announcing the new vaccine mandate, Biden sounded like a fascist dictator.


@SeaRobb when he is asking what are waiting for, what more do you need, that is the moment, if you didn't realize before, that it is a war between good and evil. These shots are less effective than the flu shot and causing multitudes of problems. The feds are dumb, but no one is this dumb. It is a culling and now there will be a false flag to lock down the country.

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Look at all the money Iran has received in the past and now $80 billion in weapons to the Taliban. It is planned to begin with a strike by Israel on Iran. Either Iran or China will be provoked into a nuclear response. After a brief nuclear exchange, there will be a ceasefire. The world will be thrown into fear and chaos - all carefully engineered.

The extreme state of tension will be used to justify heavy social and military controls in all western first world nations.

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